Love Island viewers call out Ron’s ‘nice boy act’ and ‘sneaky’ behaviour

Love Island viewers have called out islander Ron Hall on his sneaky behaviour as they suspect he's playing a "nice boy act" to stay in the South African villa.

In last week's shocking recoupling, Lana Jenkins had Ron stolen from her as Tanyel Revan chose to couple up with the financial advisor from Essex.

In Monday's episode of Love Island, Ron was seen pulling Lana away for a chat where he told her that he'd rather be coupled up with her. He also told the rest of the group that he wanted to be in a different couple.

Fans were shocked at what Ron said, quickly calling him out and calling him manipulative as they think he's acting to stay in the villa for longer.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Ron is sneaky and manipulative #loveIsland."

Another added: "How is Lana cuddling up to ron AFTER he just said he gets on better with someone else #loveisland."

A third person said: "This nice boy act Ron is putting on is irritating. He’s literally a perfect example of the “nice guys” who are actually demons #loveisland."

Lana had previously called out Tanyel for stealing Ron from her in the recoupling.

Lana told Tanyel: "Obviously it’s not nice and you’re like my best mate in here, me and Ron have been happy and now you two are going to be coupled up so I feel like from now on me and you need to have a really transparent relationship.

You must be feeling it to have picked him in the first place?”

Tanyel explained to Lana: “I need to give it a chance the same way I would give anyone else a chance.”

Lana added: “The only thing that would hurt me now is if things were going on behind my back, I’d just like to know.”

In Monday's episode, Ron also learned about Lana's celebrity ex, Owen Warner.

The Islanders quizzed each other on their exes, when they are asked: "Never have I ever dated or got with a celebrity?”

Lana, Olivia Hawkins and Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown all sipped their drinks as Olivia was first to explain: “I’ve dated someone in the athletic field.”

Lana admitted: “My most recent ex-boyfriend is an actor."

Zara, 25, then confessed: “I’ve gotten with an athlete before, a famous athlete, very famous."

After the game, Ron, 25, was keen to know which celebrity Lana has dated as he asked her: “The actor, who was that?”

Lana replied: “It’s my ex-boyfriend… he’s called Owen Warner.”

Laughing, Ron said: “So basically I’m competing with someone who's just come runner-up on a massive show and who’s an actor and I work in finance, yeah, erm, sick. This is great.”

In the Beach Hut, Ron went on to say: “That was a shock, I don’t really know what to think about it.."


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