Love Island viewers left CRINGING by 'needy' Mitchel

‘I can smell his desperation’: Love Island viewers left CRINGING by ‘needy’ Mitchel after coming on ‘too strong’ with new bombshell Leah

Love Island viewers were left cringing after Mitchel tried his best to woo new gorgeous new bombshell Leah on Tuesday.

The gas engineer, 26, did everything he could to impress the blonde beauty, 24, only to be branded ‘needy’ and ‘desperate’ by fans. 

Following Mitch’s giggly flirting technique, taking to Twitter one wrote: ‘Mitch reeks of desperation’ while another added poor Leah could ‘smell his desperation’. 

A third commented: ‘Mitch is doing way too much’.

And a fourth said: ‘Mitch’s eagerness is going to cost him. He comes across very needy’.  

Awks: Love Island viewers were left cringing after Mitchel, 26, tried his best to woo new gorgeous new bombshell Leah on Tuesday

Too much? The gas engineer, 26, did everything he could to impress the blonde beauty, 24 (pictured)  only to be branded ‘needy’ and ‘desperate’ by fans

Just 24 hours earlier Love Island fans praised Mitchel after he furiously branded love rival Zachariah a ‘snake’ with ‘small d*** energy’.

Tensions have been brewing between the hunks as they both continue to vie for stunner Molly’s attentions. 

Mitchel was then left fuming after the blonde beauty and Zachariah chatting for a whopping two hours.

When his pal returned  Mitchel exploded shouting ‘Don’t sit near me bro, you’re a snake!’ before saying he showed off ‘small d*** energy’.

Fans have also claimed that Molly isn’t totally innocent in the situation, branding her ‘just as bad’ following her and Zachariah’s recent kiss. 

Taking to Twitter one fan said: ‘Mitch isn’t wrong, Zach is a snake, but Molly is just as bad’.

Another agreed saying: ‘Molly and Zach deserve each other, both snakes’.

With a third commenting: ‘Mitchel calling Zachariah a snake is crazy!’.

Oops: Following Mitch’s giggly flirting technique, taking to Twitter one wrote: ‘Mitch reeks of desperation’ while another added poor Leah could ‘smell his desperation’

Slam: Viewers took to social media to make their feelings known

And a fourth declared that: ‘Molly and Zach’s Karma is coming’. 

Elsewhere  viewers were left very impressed by Andre Furtado during Monday’s episode after he told Ruchee Gurung he was keeping his options open despite the pair being in a couple.

Clothing brand entrepreneur Andre, 21, pulled beautician Ruchee, 24, for a chat and told him he still had eyes for his former show partner Catherine Agbaje, 22, after Friday’s recoupling.

The moment came after Zachariah Noble kissed Molly Marsh right in front of his partner Catherine’s eyes during Sunday’s challenge, leaving the rest of the Islanders shocked.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, viewers said Andre should ‘hold a masterclass’ for Zachariah and Molly after Andre left the television audience impressed with his considerate actions. 

Fuming: Just 24 hours earlier Love Island fans praised Mitchel after he furiously branded love rival Zachariah a ‘snake’ with ‘small d*** energy’

One person wrote: ‘Andre should hold a masterclass for Zach and Molly on how to tell someone you’re interested in getting to know other people.’

Someone else shared: ‘I’m loving how respectful Andre is, he thought about Ruchee feeling and was kind, Zach needs to take notes.’

Another person tweeted: ‘See Zach, be taking notes from André. You see how he told Ruchee he was still feeling Catherine STRAIGHT away. THAT’s how you do it smh.’

While someone else commented: ‘Zach do you see how simple and easy that conversation Andre just had with Ruchee was, could’ve been you but you wanted to be sneaky.’


Ruchee Gurung

NAMERuchee Gurung

AGE: 24

FROM: Sutton 

OCCUPATION: Beautician

WHY ENTER THE VILLA? I’m single and looking for love, and it’s the perfect opportunity for me to find someone. I’m a relationship kind of girl, but so far it’s not worked out for me.  

WHY DATE ME? I’m really caring, when I’m with someone I’m all about them. I’m also really loyal and love doing nice things for the people that are special to me. My love language is gift giving, so I’m a real giver when it comes to relationships

Tyrique Hyde

NAME: Tyrique Hyde

AGE: 24

FROM: Essex

OCCUPATION: Footballer 

WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE VILLA? I’ll bring vibes, confidence, good energy and honesty. I don’t sit on the fence, if I have an opinion I will speak up. I’m also not afraid to go after what I want 

CLAIM T0 FAME? Toby Aromolaran is one of my best friends, we grew up together and were in the same class at school 

Molly Marsh

NAME:  Molly Marsh

AGE: 24

FROM: Yorkshire 


WHY LOVE ISLAND AND WHY NOW? I think it’s ideal timing and the perfect way to find someone. 

I don’t go out and party and I don’t use dating apps, I’m actually quite old-fashioned, so there’s no better way to meet someone than by going into a Villa in the sun with the potential ‘one’ in there.

Catherine Agbaje

NAME: Catherine Agbaje

AGE: 22

FROM: Dublin 

OCCUPATION: Commercial Real Estate Agent

HOW WOULD FAMILY AND FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU? Someone who is fun and a loving character. They know I have so much love to give. 

I’m always smiling, I’m always happy, I’m always laughing. You’ll always see me with a smile on my face.

Mehdi Edno

NAME: Mehdi Edno

AGE: 26

FROM: Bordeaux/London

OCCUPATION: Communications Manager/Model 

ARE YOU READY TO FIND THE ONE? Yes. I’ve been busy for the last few years with work, and doing my Masters degree but now I’m done with the busy schedule, and ready to find love. 

THREE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO HAVE IN A PARTNER?  Looks are important but they aren’t everything, a good sense of humour and someone who is outgoing and up for an adventure is what I’m looking for.

NAME: Ella Thomas

Ella Thomas

AGE: 23

FROM: Glasgow 


WHAT’S YOUR CLAIM TO FAME? I’ve been in a Headie One and Burna Burna Boy music video and I was once an extra in World War Z. I was 12 years old when I filmed it and got to meet Brad Pitt which was cool.

WHY SHOULD SOMEBODY DATE YOU? I’m the whole package, I know what I want in life and I’ve got a big heart. 

Mitchel Taylor

NAME: Mitchel Taylor

AGE: 26

FROM: Sheffield 

OCCUPATION: Gas engineer 

WHY SHOULD SOMEBODY DATE YOU? I thrive on being a gentleman. I’ll shower you with flowers, I’ll take you on dates, I’ll fill your bedside drawer with your favourite sweets and chocolate. I’ve been single, I’ve had my fun and now I want to settle down. 

WHY ARE YOU SINGLE? I’m just really picky. I’ve got to find the girl that I want to marry and have kids with. I’m nearly 27, I don’t want to play the field anymore, I want to find the one. 

Jess Harding

NAME: Jess Harding

AGE: 22

FROM: London

OCCUPATION: Aesthetics Practitioner

WHY ARE YOU SINGLE? Because every boy is giving me the ick at the moment. I feel like it’s fate because I’m saving myself for Mr Right in the Villa!

WHAT GIVES YOU THE ICK? When a guy stunts for money, that’s an ick. Showing off all their designer clothes because most of the time they’re probably fake anyway! Another one is when a boy runs for the train and the train goes without him. Lunch Boxes also – just go to Tesco and get a meal deal! 

Andre Furtado

NAME: Andre Furtado

AGE: 21

FROM: Dudley 

OCCUPATION: Economics graduate and clothing brand entrepreneur

WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE VILLA? I’m charming, I’m going to bring good looks and some language lessons. I’m going to teach the other Islanders Portuguese, Spanish and a little bit of Creole. I think I’ve got every slice of the pie. 

DO YOU FALL IN LOVE QUICKLY? I would say I fall too quickly to be honest. When I look at beautiful ladies, before I’ve said hello to them I’ve already fallen in love. I’m already planning the wedding. 

Zachariah Noble

NAME: Zachariah Noble

AGE: 25

FROM: South East London

OCCUPATION: Personal trainer and basketball player

WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE VILLA? I’m a very chilled out guy and I’m completely myself 100% of the time. I’m quite straightforward and never struggle making friends, I like to look after people.

WHAT GIVES YOU THE ICK? I’ve got two and they’re both really stupid; Bad handwriting – I’ve got terrible handwriting so they’d need to have better handwriting than me and twerking, I really don’t like twerking! 

Whitney Adebayo 

NAME: Whitney Adebayo

AGE: 25

FROM: London

OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur

WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE VILLA? Good vibes, I can be really silly and funny but I can also get deep. It depends on the person and the situation but I am a very adaptable person, I know how to read the room.

DO YOU FALL IN LOVE QUICKLY? Real love, no. I can fall in lust but I don’t fall in love quickly. My big thing is trust, I’ve got to trust you fully before I can give you my heart. I won’t give you my heart for free, you’ve got to earn it.

Sammy Root

NAME: Sammy Root

AGE: 22

FROM: Kent

OCCUPATION: Project Manager

WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE VILLA? I’ll be the energy in the villa, lots of guys have pretty faces and nice bodies, which I have too, but I’ve also got the bubbly personality, I’m a bit of a firework

HOW WOULD FRIENDS/FAMILY DESCRIBE YOU? Funny, bubbly and good to be around. I’m a bit cheeky too 

Charlotte Sumner

NAME: Charlotte Sumner

AGE: 30

FROM: Bournemouth

OCCUPATION: Dental Nurse

WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE VILLA? I’ll bring fun! I’m very genuine, I’m a girls’ girl, I give good advice but sometimes I need to take the advice that I give to my girls.

WHAT GIVES YOU THE ‘ICK’? When guys do fancy dress and they’re dressed up as a piece of toast or an old woman.

Leah Taylor

NAME: Leah Taylor

AGE: 27

FROM: Manchester

OCCUPATION: Business Owner (Social Media Marketing)

DO YOU FALL IN LOVE QUICKLY? This is difficult because I would have said that I was a slow-burner, but I think that’s because I’ve been more closed off in the past. In all honesty, I’m such a hopeless romantic and now because I know what I want, I can’t wait to be in love again.

DO YOU HAVE ANY CLAIMS TO FAME?  When I was a dancer, I actually danced at the EMAs and danced for Rita Ora and Camila Cabello. Maura Higgins is one of my best friends and we watched her best bits together one night and couldn’t stop laughing, she’s hilarious.

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