Love Island’s Jessie: ‘I am staying in the UK – me and Will are moving in together’

The life of Love Island 's Jessie Wynter has changed dramatically since the start of the new year, after the Australian native starred on the UK version of the show, filmed in South Africa.

The 26 year old, who is originally from Tasmania, found love with TikTok farmer Will Young in the villa, and she's not left his side since they exited the show – having moved in with him and his parents on their farm in Buckinghamshire.

And it seems like Jessie is sold on life in the UK, as she spoke exclusively to OK! about her plans to move here permanently, and moving in to her own place with Will in the near future.

She revealed that she will soon be heading back to Australia, to "swap over her suitcase" and reset her visa.

"The plan is to come back to the UK for the long term. I love it here and I haven't experienced the warmer weather yet, so I'm not going back to Australia before I get some sunshine," she told us.

"This is my first time proper in the UK. It's just so weird, I was saying to Will that usually people plan it when they move to a different country but I've just kind of ended up here.

"I am loving the UK. It feels like home to me."

On meeting Will's parents and now living with them on the farm, Jessie said: "Now I'm living on the farm, I'm really close with Will's mum, because she's only got two sons.

"Will's dad always tells me 'it's so nice having a girl around'."

Despite loving living with Will's parents, Jessie revealed that the couple are looking to get their own place in the near future, although she admitted that they are not making those plans firm until after she returns from Australia.

Speaking about the possibility of living in another building on the farm, Jessie said: "That would be ideal."

She pondered: "I think we would miss the family too much if we were too far away. But we both of us don't know too much about London, so we kind of need to sit down and have a look what what's actually going to work for us."

Jessie said that their choice of location for living would depend on how their careers go, but suggested that they might live near London, rather than "in the heart of it" as she spoke about their long commute to get to the city at the moment.

Does Jessie see a long future with Will? Absolutely.

She said: "Will jokes about like marriage and kids all the time. I don't know if he is serious and dropping hints.

"But we definitely do see each other being in each other’s life for the long term. I know that it sounds naive to say, but our time in the villa, like straight from when we met, sparks flew.

"We really have been together since January, pretty much like side by side.

"It may seem to others that it's moving really fast, but for us, we just feel so happy and content. And we don't see us not being side by side."


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