Love Island’s Jessie not keen to hang out with co-stars who ‘talked behind her back’

Jessie Wynter isn’t quite ready to forgive and forget after her fellow islanders voted her and beau Will Young out just days before the final.

Jessie, 26, and Will, 23, were one of the favourites to win Love Island before they were brutally dumped after their co-stars branded them one of the most incompatible couples.

Now Jessie has hit out at their decision and has said that she believes the vote was a “cop-out”, driven by the fact that Jessie, who hails from Australia, lived so far away.

Speaking to The Sun, the reality star – who just confirmed that she'll be staying in the UK – said that she doesn’t think the islanders really believed that she and Will were the least compatible couple in the villa.

“In the villa, everyone applauded our relationship so when they decided to say we weren't compatible, I think they knew we were very happy,” she revealed, before explaining that her fellow islanders were constantly saying how “suited” and “perfect” they were together before the vote.

She also explained that she doesn’t buy the distance argument and explained that someone willing to move country for someone is likely to spend more time with their partner than someone who faces a three hour commute each way.

“They knew we were compatible. It’s sad it happened the way it did,” she went on, before hinting that she thinks the decision was down to “how much” other contestants wanted to make it to the final.

However, Jessie explained that she’s keen to move on as she knows her connection is “genuine” and added that she feels much happier since leaving the villa.

The 26 year old then said that whilst she’s keen not to hold grudges, she’s now being quite discerning about which former islanders she would spend time with.

“There’s no one I would avoid,” she said, “but making plans with them and hanging out with them, I’m probably not going to be doing that.”

The couple have been keeping a low profile since leaving the show and are focusing on lambing season at Will’s family farm in Oxfordshire.

They’re regularly keeping their fans abreast of their activities, however, via their TikTok accounts where they post videos of their life together working on the farm and jokingly lip-syncing to popular songs.


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