Mac Jones' GF Races To Put Out Dinner Fire At QB's Home, Flames Caught On Video

Scary scene at Mac Jones‘ home earlier this week … a dinner made for the Patriots quarterback caught on fire — but, thankfully, his girlfriend was able to put out the small inferno.

The wild scene was all captured on Jones’ in-home Furbo camera on Monday … showing Sophie Scott scrambling to douse a sheet tray that had burst into flames.

In the video, posted by Scott on Tuesday night, you can see Jones’ GF raced through the kitchen with the hot plate all while screaming Mac’s name.

Fortunately, she was able to get a sliding glass door open and chuck the pan onto the lawn — avoiding catastrophe.

Scott joked about it all afterward … saying, “It’s okay to laugh (everythings ok) I shared because I’m dying laughing about what the Furbo catches.”

Sophie Scott PF Changs

Sophie said there was no second attempt to make dinner — the couple, who have been dating since 2019, safely ordered takeout instead.

Good call.

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