Madison Beer Swatted Over 15 Times by Random Caller From Germany

Madison Beer

Madison Beer is a hot topic with LAPD … not because she’s breaking laws, but because a caller from Germany is repeatedly — and falsely — informing cops Madison’s contemplating suicide.

Law enforcement tells TMZ … LAPD’s received more than 15 calls since the beginning of this year about Madison, with the most recent one coming this past Sunday. We’re told each time it’s been a male caller who claims she was going to harm or kill herself.

Sources say cops have spoken to Madison, who told them she’s just fine and has no clue who’s responsible for the mystery swatting calls. We’re told the police will keep that in mind going forward.

We’re also told cops determined the call was coming all the way from somewhere in Germany but haven’t figured out much else yet. The case is still under investigation.

We’ve reached out to Madison for comment … so far, no word back.

Swatting’s been a growing problem for police around the country. For those unware, it’s a form of prank call — often done to live streamers online — with the goal being to get a big police response to raid the victim’s home.

Thankfully nothing escalated with Madison, but results in the past have led to cops bursting into people’s houses with guns drawn … creating serious panic, and the potential for much worse.

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