Madonna confirms new romance with toyboy boxer in steamy snaps

Madonna showed off her Purim celebrations on Tuesday

Although the singer was born and raised Catholic, she has been known to observe many of the Jewish holidays.

On Tuesday night, the Like A Virgin singer shared “How my Purim went” with a backyard photoshoot.

The mum-of-six posed ominously at sunset in a darkened garden, with a string of lantern lights providing a mystical backdrop.

In the series of shots, Madonna dressed as “Kween Esther” in a black floor-length coat, thick black sunglasses, cane and a lace ski mask.

Loyal fans were shocked as they clicked through her story to find a surprise appearance by her new boyfriend, also donning a ski mask, as they shared a passionate kiss.

The singer mysteriously captioned the photo of her new love as: “Killers who are partying.”

Josh is the 29-year-old owner of boxing gym Bredwinners in Manhattan according to the Daily Mail but lives a relatively low-profile life so not much more is currently known about him.

The singer posed ominously for her backyard photoshoot

With a string of lanterns lighting the backdrop of tree silhouettes, Madonna posed in her floor-length coat with a cane at her side.

One passionate snap sent fans into a frenzy

Madonna confirmed her new relationship with Josh Popper, 29, as she shared a photo of them kissing through their ski masks.

She mysteriously captioned the snap

As part of her Purim celebration snaps, she wrote: “Killers who are partying.”

The singer previously teased her new relationship online

Last week Madonna shared a quick snap of her cuddled up against the boxer as he stood just outside the ring with a gleeful smile.

Last week the singer shared an update on her tour preparations

As Madonna gets ready to set off on her Celebrations tour, the singer has been keeping fans updated throughout her rehearsal process, showing off her dances, stages and potential costumes.

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