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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are alleged to have filmed interviews for their Netflix doc at a home other than their own — which, if true, we gotta say … welcome to showbiz. 🤷🏽‍♂️

British outlets have asserted the couple actually filmed at a separate property when they did their sit-downs on camera — claiming they shot at another mega-mansion in Montecito that’s just up the road from them, and a bit more expensive than their own pad.

meghan harry alleged home

The house in question is 13,599 sq. feet, features 6 bedrooms and has all the bells and whistles of a luxury home there — pool, spa, private gym, etc. From a bird’s eye view, yeah … it’s pretty nice. It’s also for sale at $33 mil — they bought their place for around $15 mil.

The reason that’s relevant … it would appear this story being surfaced in the first place was meant to make the Sussexes look like they wanted to flash a more grand home than the one they currently own. That’s the implication we’re picking up on — namely, that they wanted to deceive people into thinking they live nicer than they actually do. But, frankly … that’s BS.

meghan harry alleged home

Here’s the reality … productions such as these are often shot at a different location, because it isn’t important — it’s literally just background scenery that’s secondary to the subjects. It’s SOP to do this, and if Meg and Harry did, in fact, do so here … it’s not a big deal at all.

It’s also quite possible that maybe Meg and Harry wanted to protect their privacy, which we know they value. And if that’s the case, totally reasonable as well to film elsewhere.

Another element here that backs the case they weren’t out for clout … their home is actually bigger (and arguably nicer) than the mansion they allegedly shot at. Just take a look at this aerial shot of where they currently live, and you can even take a peek inside if you want.

The grounds seem more expansive than the home above, and the specs are at a larger scale too … their property is over 18,000 sq. ft. and has more bedrooms … plus, more toys. Yes, it was purchased at a lower price than what the other mansion is going for now — but who’s to say they won’t list this crib at around the same (assuming they’re still moving, that is).

The point is this … Harry and Meg (allegedly) using another home to film at is just about the biggest nothing burger to hit the grill in this saga. But the fact U.K. outlets are running with it anyway as a gotcha moment sorta speaks to what they’ve laid out in the series so far.

They never stood a chance with the British press, and definitely made the right decision in getting outta Dodge.

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