Margot Robbie is not estranged from her dad, says uncle

EXCLUSIVE: Margot Robbie’s uncle sets the record straight about the Hollywood star’s alleged falling out with estranged dad: ‘They DO have a relationship’

  • Wayne Robbie is the brother of Margot’s father Doug
  • Gold Coast-based realtor says pair in regular contact
  • Doug and Margot’s mother split when Margot was a toddler 
  • Robbie family  ‘immensely proud of the actress’ 

Hollywood superstar Margot Robbie’s uncle has set the record straight about the actress’s relationship with her allegedly estranged father.

Wayne Robbie, who operates a large real estate firm on the Gold Coast, denied recent reports that his brother, Doug, has never had a relationship with Margot and that they’re on bad terms. 

‘That has never been the case,’ Wayne told Daily Mail Australia.

‘He certainly does have a relationship with her. He is very proud of her.’

 Wayne confirmed also that his brother – a retired sugarcane farmer and property developer now based in Airlie Beach – recently travelled to Sydney to see Margot when she was in town for the premiere of her new film Babylon. 

Margot Robbie at the recent premiere of Babylon in Sydney. Her uncle, Wayne Robbie, says her father isn’t estranged from the famous actress despite reports 

It comes several years after reports first started circulating that the Wolf of Wall Street star – born and raised by mother Sarie Kessler on the Gold Coast – had cut off all contact with her dad.

Speaking to The Sun UK in 2016, Margot acknowledged that her contact with her father was limited, adding ‘I’m not like him at all’.

At the time it was revealed that her younger brother Lachlan – or Lockie – remained close to his father however two other siblings – Anya and Cameron – reportedly shared a similar relationship to that of Margot.

It’s understood Doug separated from Sarie when the children were young, leaving the single mum to raise four children alone on the Gold Coast.

Doug Robbie – a retired sugarcane farmer and property developer who now lives at Airlie Beach –  pictured with his son Lachie

All four attended the exclusive private school Somerset College before Margot went on to find fame and fortune in Hollywood where she is now on track to snag her second Academy Award nomination for Babylon.

Wayne said his niece’s career has been a huge source of pride for the Robbie clan – most of whom remain on the Gold Coast.

‘It’s Margot’s life and we don’t get involved in giving comment. But we are very proud of Margot and everything she has achieved,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘We just have a bit of a policy about speaking to the media – that is something that is really up to her if she wants to say anything publicly.

‘But we are proud of her. And Doug is exactly the same. He has been down there with the opening of the movie and I know they do have a relationship.

‘Doug is retired now he has been for a long time. But he is in contact with Margot and all of the kids.’

Margot pictured with her mum, Sarie Kessler, at the Babylon premiere in Los Angeles

Fiercely loyal to her mum, 32-year-old Margot speaks regularly about their close relationship and has said that any children she has will be raised on the Gold Coast to be close to their grandmother.

The pair recently walked the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Babylon where Sarie – a retired physiotherapist – was likened by reporters to Margot’s sister thanks to her strikingly youthful appearance.

Margot, who missed out on an Oscar nomination this year for her work in Babylon, famously used her first big pay check paying her mother back any money she had given her to help build her career while she was starting out.

‘I spent it on paying you back, mum. Don’t you remember? I was so in debt by the end of grade 12,’ she said in a 2019 Vogue interview.

‘I had everything I owed you written on a piece of paper, and every time I got a paycheck I paid off my debt, but then I kept the piece of paper because it was so satisfying at the end to know I’d paid it all back.’ 

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