Marilyn Monroe's Stuffing Recipe Is Iconic and Filled With Animal Liver

The stunning 20th-century starlet Marilyn Monroe was world-renowned for many reasons. Her drop-dead looks, sex symbol status, and rumored affair with former President John F. Kennedy are just a few of the ways she made headlines throughout her life. Professionally, she was an extremely gifted actress who graced the big screen in starring roles until her death in 1962. Decades after the loss, we are still learning more about the iconic figure — including that she didn’t just read roles, but wrote recipes. 

The making of Marilyn

The bombshell blonde Marilyn was born as a brunette Norma Jeane Mortenson. According to History, familial mental illness had Monroe moving from foster home to foster home, until she married a neighbor at the ripe young age of 16. Although the relationship ended in divorce, it was during this period that a photographer noticed Monroe’s natural beauty and became the first step of her modeling career. 

It wasn’t long before Monroe moved from stunning stills to starring in moving pictures. The quality — and quantity! — of her roles skyrocketed her to the top of the Hollywood A-list. Three of her 10 most critically acclaimed movies, according to Insider, came out in the same year. 

Although Monroe tragically died in 1962, her enduring performances and timeless charm mean that her fan following has not diminished. As a result of name and image licensing, the Monroe estate still brought in $13 million in 2019. 

Monroe’s stuffing recipe is one-of-a-kind 

If you’re seeking any proof of the loyalty of Monroe’s following, look no further than Fragments. This new book collected scraps of paper, letters, and poetry from throughout her life, giving never-before-seen glimpses into the everyday musings of the star. Although every page is a treasured gem for dedicated fans, one particular addition really made headlines. 

According to the New York Times, the collection includes a recipe for stuffing, written in Monroe’s handwriting. The vague measurements and easy shorthand suggest to many that the actress was a skilled chef, approaching the kitchen with the confidence and flair she exhibited on the big screen. Beyond that, in true Monroe fashion, the recipe was far from ordinary. 

Chefs at Taste of Home immediately made note of some untraditional ingredients, including turkey livers and raisins. At the end of the journey, they made some recommendations for the recipe, like incorporating a binding agent to hold things together. Apparently, the dish had been far too crumbly when they finished. This could lead to questions about Monroe’s culinary skills, or perhaps reinforce the belief that she is truly inimitable.  

Liver is far from the whole legacy

Although a Monroe movie hasn’t debuted since 1961, the star remains a household name and pop-culture staple. Modern artists like Pharrell Williams have penned songs featuring her name, while beauty influencers continue to seek to emulate her iconic looks. 

According to ABC News, Forever21 debuted a Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley collection in October. The clothes, which feature famous Monroe looks and quotes, will help to introduce a new generation to the unforgettable celebrity. She’s also been the focal point of a plethora of modern documentaries, movies, and TV series, ensuring that even the longest standing Monroe fans aren’t running out of content.

This focus on the star has spawned some conspiracy theories surrounding her death and her connections to high authority figures in the government. While the majority of these accusations have been promptly dismissed, they remain a testament to Monroe’s ability to capture hearts. All these years later, she still has our attention. 

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