Martine McCutcheon has opened up on her relationship of fifteen years with husband Jack McManus, saying the couple have had their “ups and downs”.

The actress, 46, and her singer-songwriter husband Jack, 38, have been together for 15 years and married for ten, sharing an eight year old son called Rafferty.

They also recently renewed their vowsin a beautiful ceremony covered exclusively by OK!, however Martine has admitted that their relationship hasn't always been plain sailing.

"Both Jack and I have always been honest, we don’t have the perfect relationship by any means," she said. "We’ve had our ups and downs, like everybody.”

Despite the struggles that can come with long-term partnership, Martine shared how the couple have always worked through things and how her husband is her “best friend”.

She continued toThe Sun: “We’ve had our challenges, but I think ultimately we’re each other’s best friend and when life gets tricky and isn’t always as fabulous it’s good you can have somebody you can talk too and confide in and be all of yourself with, and you know that’s a safe space and they’ve got your back.”

"I think that hopefully when you look back in your life it’s about the memories you make, and I think sometimes you have to put effort into making those memories, otherwise you look back and it’s all been a fast-paced blur, especially in this day and age.

"I like to take time to celebrate the good moments, and I think that in our industry, especially, it’s a long time."

The couple had just one guest at their vow renewal ceremony – their son – and reaffirmed their marriage at the plush Beaverbrook Hotel in Surrey last month.

In an exclusive interview with OK! about the ceremony, Martine said : “It was probably the most relaxed but wonderful thing we’ve ever done.

“It was in the most beautiful setting and it was the right combination of casual and elegance. The key thing for us was that it was a true celebration of our love, our relationship and our endurance as husband and wife and parents.

“It was important for us that it was intimate, because a lot of our celebrations have been shared with loved ones and friends. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve loved doing that, but this time it was just purely for us.”

The renewal was low-key and saw dad Jack and son Rafferty in matching tuxedos that were picked out the day before.

“We had music playing in the background and Rafferty helped us pick the playlist,” Martine said of their son. “It was full of songs that he knows Mummy and Daddy play and we love. And he’s like, “Oh God, are you going to get all smoochy?”

While songwriter Jack added: “Having Rafferty there was really special and I think it’s important for him to see that Mummy and Daddy still love each other. He gets to see all the boring bits, the odd argument, like any family, but we’re very lucky to have a happy home, but it’s nice for him to see a celebration of our love and that it’s just for us.”


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