Matthew McConaughey's wife Camila Alves details 'chaos' aboard Lufthansa flight that 'dropped 4k feet,' reveals another scare on rebooked flight, more news

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves were on the Lufthansa flight that hit severe turbulence Wednesday

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves McConaughey had a little more excitement than they bargained for on their trip to Germany this week. As Camila told her Instagram followers, the couple was on the Lufthansa flight from from Austin, Texas, to Frankfurt, Germany, that made headlines when it hit severe turbulence and made an emergency landing on Wednesday (March 1), leaving at least seven people injured. “Yeah… this flight we were on…,” Camila said on Instagram, sharing a news story about the mid-air scare and video from inside the plane that showed meals and debris strewn across the floor of the aisle. “I was told [the] plane dropped almost 4000 feet, 7 people went to the hospital, Everything was flying everywhere. The plane was … chaos and the turbulence keep on coming [sic].” After thanking the folks who helped her rebook their flight — and the employees at the Washington Dulles Airport Marriott where they spent the night — Camila added that she and Matthew “made it to the bar with 1 minute before closing,” then “slept well” and were “getting on new flight” on Thursday.

Unfortunately, flight No. 2 wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. According to Camila’s Instagram Stories, the pilot on the new flight Thursday told passengers to expect “45 minutes of turbulence getting out of Washington,” she said. “Just my luck!”

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Kevin Bacon shares hilarious marital advice ahead of 35th wedding anniversary

The new “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” is 35 years of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick! Kevin stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday (March 2), where he revealed he and his wife will soon mark three-and-a-half decades of marriage. Kevin also revealed what he’s really learned about maintaining a happy marriage, a question he and Kyra apparently get asked all the time. “That’s a lot of years,” he conceded. “People feel a tremendous amount of excitement. Everybody wants to ask us about the secret [to a long-lasting marriage], which I absolutely refuse to answer.” Jimmy, understandably, pressed his guest, asking if he knows what that secret is, despite his refusal to share it. “No, I don’t,” Kevin said. Then things got kind of hilarious. “I tell ya, marriage, let’s face it, it doesn’t work. How many people stay married? Nobody,” Kevin joked. “If I was to give some advice,” he finally offered, “… I would say the one thing you don’t want to do is take a celebrity’s advice on how to stay married.”

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Billie Eilish deletes all social media from her phone

Billie Eilish is off social media and feelin’ good. In a recent appearance on Conan O’Brien’s “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” podcast, the 21-year-old pop star revealed she’s deleted every social media platform from phone, a move she said was “such a huge deal” for someone who “grew up in the perfect time of the internet,” as opposed to what the space has become circa 2023. “I don’t look at it anymore. I’ve deleted it all off my phone,” she said (via the Daily Mail). “Being a preteen and a teenager on the internet, those were my people. I was one of them.” But as her music career took off, Billie found the content she was seeing online started hitting too close to home. “I was one of them … and then to, within myself, feel like nothing changed, that I’m doing what I’ve always done and … to just keep doing what I do over the years, and slowly the videos I’m watching and the things I see on the internet are about me,” she recalled. “I’m like, ‘Ew! Stinky! I don’t like that.'”

As stars go, Billie’s hardly alone in her distaste for social media. Selena Gomez takes frequent breaks from Instagram and TikTok and has said she keeps such apps off her phone. Other celebs who’ve taken mini-vacations from social media include Britney Spears, Chrissy Teigen and Alec Baldwin. Stars like Timothee Chalamet and Emma Stone, meanwhile, avoid the socials altogether.

Hoda Kotb appears in pre-taped ‘Today’ segment amid family health battle

Earlier this week, as fans expressed concern over Hoda Kotb’s days-long absence from “Today,” host Craig Melvin assured viewers his colleague was “OK,” telling fans “she’s got a family health matter she’s been dealing with.” On Friday (March 3), Hoda appeared briefly on the show for the first time in more than a week, albeit in a pre-taped segment. While introducing Hoda’s interview with Olivia Newton-John’s widower, John Eastman, and daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, Sheinelle Jones mentioned only that Hoda spoke with the pair “recently.” Hoda’s co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie, meanwhile, was also out on Friday after testing positive for COVID-19 on the air. She was reportedly doing fine while recovering at home. Hoda has yet to share details on the family health issue she’s been facing.

Riley Keough recalls ‘awkward’ experience filming sex scene with her real-life husband

Filming a sex scene can be nerve-wracking and awkward for any actor — even one who’s married IRL to their onscreen love interest. Just ask Riley Keough, whose husband Ben Smith-Petersen makes a cameo in her new series, “Daisy Jones & the Six” as a “random” guy her rising star musician character has a one-night stand with. As Riley explained on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” on Thursday (March 2), she thought it was a “funny” suggestion when producers floated the idea of having Ben play the object of Daisy’s hookup desire in the second episode. Then reality set in. “We got there and, like, [it was] really uncomfortable … it was so weird,” Riley said (via, admitting she was “giggling the whole time” while pretending to have sex with Ben’s character. “I really kept feeling inclined to be like, ‘In real life, it’s not like this.’ And then I was like, ‘I’ll just, you know, keep that to myself,'” she said with a laugh. Riley, whose mom is the late Lisa Marie Presley, married Ben in 2015 and share a daughter, whose name is reportedly Tupelo, a la the Mississippi town from which Riley’s grandfather, Elvis Presley, hails. “Daisy Jones & the Six” is streaming on Amazon Prime now.

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