Meghan Markle has “grown in confidence” according to body language expert Darren Stanton, who analysed the Duchess as she made solo appearances without her husband Prince Harry.

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This week, Meghan took part in a physical and video interview for Variety, where she spoke about how her family dealt with their grief following the Queen’s death, as well as revealing other sweet pieces of information about the two children that she shares with Harry, Archie and Lilibet.

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Speaking about the confidence he saw from her during the video segments, Darren explained to Slingo: “I believe Meghan comes into her own when she is alone. She appears to have grown in confidence, especially during solo appearances with the media.

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He added: “I’m not saying she doesn’t exude confidence with Harry, but she seems more comfortable in her own skin when appearing by herself on screen.”

Darren continued, saying the Duchess was able to “turn on the charm” with the interviewer through her eye contact and smiles.

He also shared how techniques would make someone feel “special”, explaining: “The first thing with Meghan in this clip is that she has amazing eye contact to whom she is addressing.

Darren revealed how Meghan uses body language to make someone feel “special”

“We talk about genuine eye contact being three to five seconds and she definitely adheres to this perfect timeframe. She’s also not distracted when looking at the interviewer. This is a clever technique to make somebody feel special.

Outside of her interview, he also said that Meghan was experiencing “genuine happiness” through the engagement of her face.

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“When someone is being genuine their whole face is engaged, whereas someone who is looking to mask sadness only engages half of their face,” he said. “Her whole face is engaged and she is radiating positivity.

Darren, who is also known as the ‘Human Lie Detector’, is a former police officer with Derbyshire police with a degree in psychology.

He has appeared on programmes like The One Show and This Morning to share his expertise.

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