Meghan McCain GOES OFF On Meghan Markle For 'Chickening Out' & Skipping Coronation

The royal family might be relieved Meghan Markle isn’t going to be attending King Charles III’s coronation next month, but not everyone feels the same way!

Meghan McCain thinks the Suits alum is being a coward for skipping the historic event — and she doesn’t believe the decision was based on Prince Archie’s birthday AT ALL!

In a scathing op-ed published by on Thursday, The View alum put the Duchess of Sussex on blast, writing:

“There are arguably few people on Earth more obsessed with seeing themselves on camera than Meghan. Now, all of a sudden, she doesn’t want to be pictured in public, dressed up in one of those ridiculous tiny hats? I’m sorry. I’m not buying it.”

McCain went on to call Meghan’s reason for staying in California (to celebrate her son’s fourth birthday, which falls on the same day as the crowning ceremony) a “gallant effort at public-relations spin.” She argued:

“No one in their right mind believes Hollywood Meghan Markle is passing up a chance to peacock in front of the world to blow up balloons and serve cake in the backyard. They couldn’t celebrate in the U.K.? Pssst… a preschooler has no idea what country he’s in.”

Sooo, if this wasn’t about Archie’s birthday then why is the so-called self-obsessed royal staying home? The 38-year-old Republican thinks she’s too “chicken” to face her estranged relatives after dissing them in so many interviews and media projects. The TV personality said:

“I believe brave Meghan is chickening out. It seems to me that she is clearly unwilling to face the music with her in-laws and the British public.”

Doubling down on this, the columnist furthered:

“No matter how tone-deaf she is (and she’s pretty tone-deaf), she must be aware of how deeply unpopular she is in her husband’s home country. She would likely be booed the second the private jet’s wheels touch down.”

While some insiders have praised Prince Harry’s decision to attend the coronation and claimed it proves he wants to be a member of the royal family and work towards more peace, McCain strongly disagrees:

“Once and for all, this demolishes the Sussexes’ claim that they’re interested in reconciliation. Any hopes that they’d get tired of the California sunshine and buzz off back to Great Britain are utterly lost.”

The Dirty Sexy Politics author went on to insist the Deal or No Deal alum doesn’t want to be seen at the coronation because it is “not about her,” noting:

“If Meghan were to attend the coronation, she would be relegated to the same place she and Harry occupied during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral — the D-List. To her, that’s unacceptable. But Meghan and the Prince of Mope have made their beds — and now they must lie in them. Their decision will hang over Harry’s trip — and it will give Americans even more reason to be disgusted by them both. No one likes an ingrate.”


Who would’ve thought one of Meghan’s biggest haters actually wanted her to go to the coronation?!? Not even the royal family wants her there! And they’re hardly going to put up with Harry’s presence.

According to previous reports from the Daily Mail, the royal family has “no interest” in speaking to the Duke of Sussex, aside from maybe a basic greeting. Also, Prince William and Princess Catherine are reportedly glad the mother of two has decided to stay with the kiddos in Cali because they didn’t want her to steal the spotlight. Soo, whose side are you on, Perezcious readers? Do you agree Meghan is chickening out by not attending or was it the right thing considering the family feud?? Sound OFF (below)!

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