Having been trolled by online users on Twitter, the daughter of the late Senator John McCain defends herself by writing that the criticism ‘will not diminish how proud’ she is of her book.

AceShowbizMeghan McCain recently became the butt of the jokes on the Internet. A number of Twitter users poked fun at the former co-host of “The View” upon learning that she only sold less than 300 copies of her memoir named “Bad Republican”.

Washington Examiner reported that the book, which was released on April 26, debuted as a “huge flop.” According to an NPD BookScan provided to Secrets, the memoir only sold 244 copies in the first few days.

Many have since clowned Meghan on the blue-bird app, with one person writing, “Meghan McCain wants us to believe publishers are just printing out hard copies for play play. Lady, stop.” Another tweeted, “Meghan McCain’s book only sold 244 copies. She didn’t need a publisher for that, she could have done that at Kinko’s.”

A third individual quipped, “Meghan McCain bought 243 copies of her own book. Condy McCain bought the other.” A different user, in the meantime, opined, “Meghan McCain didn’t learn the #1 rule of writing a Republican book and that is to have big donors lined up to buy thousands of copies on day one.”

Meghan, however, refused to stay silent. “My book Bad Republican was released @audible_com seven months ago and both I and @audible_com have been thrilled with the response and sales,” she penned in a tweet posted on Friday, May 6. “The hard copy was just soft released meant simply as a collectible for people who have already downloaded and consumed it.”

“Cheap & false headlines meant simply for clickbait and to be nasty will not diminish how proud I am of Bad Republican and the response from so many,” the daughter of the late Senator John McCain continued. “I am happy with everything related to my book and thank you to anyone who consumed it on any medium and has supported me. xo.”

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