Melanie Lynskey & Jason Ritter Floor Drew Barrymore With Tearful Revelations About His Alcoholism Battle

Melanie Lynskey and Jason Ritter have found their Ever After.

The couple stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show Wednesday, where they gushed about their fairytale ending — but also got real about the rocky road it took to get there. The Yellowjackets star hilariously revealed the two had met “over the years in passing” — but he never seemed to remember her!

But when they were cast in 2013’s The Big Ask, they were “both going through very difficult times” — citing “tumultuous” breakups. Ritter explained that he “knew how incredible Melanie was early on,” vulnerably adding that their romance wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies from the get-go:

“It’s not as cute of a story as you would like to think. It was messy and interesting and weird. In the mix, I was dealing with some alcoholism issues. At a point, I knew how amazing she was, and I thought she would be incredible for someone, someone who deserved her, basically, and I didn’t feel like I was that person. I felt a little bit too crazy.”

He continued, while fighting back tears: 

“It was only after a year into not drinking that I go, ‘Oh, maybe I can promise some things to someone else. Maybe I can be this person.’ It’s been, like, a slow burn. So I knew that she was incredible. It was working on myself enough to feel like maybe I could be the one for her too.”

Awww! How sweet is that! Melanie comfortingly grabbed her man’s hand and wiped tears while adding:

“He worked so hard. He did so much work on himself. I’m so proud of him.”

She revealed they were in couples’ therapy three weeks after we met each other,” but noted:

“We just kept growing.”

The Last of Us actress then cited the special moment where she knew Jason was “the one” as a time when she had a “very old dog” that needed extra care — and that the 43-year-old never shied away: 

“Jason would get up with her every single time, take her outside, go back to sleep, get up and take her outside. And I think that’s when I was like, ‘I could have a child with this man. I could really do this.’ The infinite patience and kindness and love. I was like, ‘I think this is a good person.’”

And she DID have a child with him. The two welcomed their first daughter together in 2018 — two years after they tied the knot.

Melanie went on to call the love of her life “so present, wanting to have the conversation and so willing to take responsibility.”

UGH, they are such goals! Drew represented everyone watching, being absolutely floored by their very deep and emotional connection as she joined them on their couch. She could even relate after struggling with her own alcoholism in the past. Watch the incredible moment (below):

What do you think of Melanie and Jason’s relationship, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

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