Melissa Benoist Teases Possibility of Returning as Supergirl in the Future: ‘I Would Love To’

Melissa Benoist is getting fans a little excited!

The 34-year-old now former Supergirl actress joined Cameo and has been making videos for fans, and one of them has been getting a lot of attention.

In the video message to a fan, she teased at the possibility of her playing Kara/Supergirl again!

Check out what she said inside…

“I am so happy to hear that you were a fan of the show and my character. I loved playing her, and that’s so cool that you grew up watching the [Arrowverse] shows. They were really, really fun to work,” Melissa tells the fan.

“WHO KNOWS if I may put the suit on again. We’ll see. I have one, that I sneakily took when we ended the show. Don’t tell anyone, this is a secret. A big one actually” she continued with a laugh. Whoops! “But yeah, I do have a suit in my attic and I would love to play the character again. We’ll see what happens.”

Check out the video on Twitter HERE!

It’s very likely that Melissa wouldn’t be playing Supergirl or Kara again as all of the main Arrowverse shows have now come to an end, following The Flash‘s finale earlier this year.

There is still one DC series left, which is Superman & Lois, of course. However, it has been confirmed that that show takes place on a different Earth. The last time we saw them integrated in the Arrowverse was in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event in 2019, which was pre-Superman & Lois.

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