The 52-year-old ‘Good Will Hunting’ actress, who shares the 13-year-old with producer Timothy J. Lea, claims in a new interview that she is not afraid of death.

AceShowbizMinnie Driver confessed that she worries about her son Henry’s safety. The “Good Will Hunting” actress, who shares the 13-year-old with producer Timothy J. Lea, admitted that her biggest fear is “something happening” to him.

The 52-year-old made the confession when speaking to Stylish magazine. Asked about her biggest fear, she replied, “Something happening to my son.” When it comes to her greatest love, she added, “My son. He’s all the meaning and all the light.”

Minnie revealed while she isn’t afraid of death, she hates the idea of leaving her son behind having lost her own mum in March this year. “I can’t bear the thought of leaving my kid. Having been left by my mother recently, the thought of him having to go through that is monstrous. But also necessary. So, I’m not scared,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Minnie divulged how her son made her realize she has a “high pain threshold,’ and how she struggles to sympathize with men who complain about being hurt. She quipped, “F**k yeah. I had a 10lb baby and 38 hours of labor, naturally, so yeah, I have a high pain threshold. I have a hard time when men stub their toes and can’t speak for 19 minutes.”

Minnie. whose father Ronnie, a financial adviser, died in 2009, recently opened up about grief and the loss of her mother, and playing a widowed doctor in the second series of “Modern Love”.

“Grief is just another expression of love. I’ve really come to understand that, having lost my mother during the pandemic. When I got the script, my mother read it over my shoulder,” the London-born star elaborated. “She loved it; we both thought it was an interesting exploration of what it means to love somebody new when your heart is still with someone that you’ve lost.”

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