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During the pandemic we’ve seen people behave in ways that defy logic and put themselves and so many others at risk. In this darkest of timelines the antivaxxers have been taking deworming medication, based on disinformation from a fraudulent study. Now those same people are gargling Betadine, the topical antiseptic, because someone claiming to be a doctor said on a forum that this would prevent covid. Betadine/iodine is poisonous and has similar side effects to deworming medication so maybe that’s why they think it’s working. Like the makers of ivermectin, the manufacturers of Betadine have issued a statement that its useless against covid and should not be ingested because it’s toxic. It is an effective wound treatment and you can gargle a specific percentage to treat sore throats so maybe that’s why they’re confused. I’m going to quote Rolling Stone here because they have the best response to this. I’m also including part of a story with the response from Betadine’s manufacturer:

As if attempting to one-up last week’s stupidity with regards to ivermectin, anti-vaxxers on Facebook and Twitter are advocating for a new and unproven Covid-19 treatment: Betadine, an antiseptic used to treat cuts and scrapes.

Povidone iodine, often sold under the brand-name Betadine, is an iodine-based treatment largely for topical use that kills bacteria. It’s a “commonly used cleanser in the ER and OR,” says Kenneth Weinberg, an emergency room physician in New York City. “If you’re in the ER and someone has a wound to sew it up, you use it to clean with.” When told that anti-vaxxers had taken to gargling with Betadine, Weinberg said, “F-k me! Of course they are.”

Solutions that include povidone iodine have also previously been marketed as a vaginal douche to treat itching in some countries. “We use it before surgery to clean the vagina,” says OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Gunter. “The reason it is bad in douches is that it kills the good bacteria and can be an irritant.”

Avrio Health, Betadine’s manufacturer, released guidelines for Betadine use, saying its products “have not been approved to treat coronavirus” and “should only be used to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns.”

“Betadine Antiseptic products have not been demonstrated to be effective for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19 or any other viruses,” Avrio Health said.

Avrio says its warnings apply to both its topical and throat-gargle products. The company says those who ingest more than a small amount should call a Poison Control Center immediately. Infectious disease specialist Judy Stone says symptoms of Betadine or povidone iodine poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, kidney failure, acidosis and even death.

[From Rolling Stone and CBS4Indy]

You can’t make this sh-t up! This is so utterly ridiculous it would be rejected as a film plot, although Idiocracy got a lot of things right. I just feel sorry for the medical workers, co-workers and family who have to deal with and ultimately care for these people. Maybe this is just Darwinism writ large though, as f’ing dark as that sounds. That’s how I console myself whenever I try to make sense of what’s happening lately. There’s an incredibly effective free preventative based on decades of science and tested on millions of people. You can take that, not have to worry about dying, and at worst have flu-like symptoms for a few days. Or can make yourself constantly miserable with DIY over the counter treatments with no proven efficacy whose manufacturers say are dangerous and useless against covid. People trying these treatments have been clogging up hospitals from the side effects and from contracting covid. The fact that this is even a debate just blows my mind.

A post shared by Betadine (@betadine_us)

A post shared by Betadine (@betadine_us)

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