The last Damien Chazelle movie I watched was La La Land. I hated it. I still remember CB walking out of it because of the extreme white nonsense of that movie too, although I watched it until the end (I still have regrets). The biggest problem with La La Land was, quite honestly, the script. The characters were stupid, the plot was asinine and yes, it was entirely too white given that one of the lead characters was obsessed with whitesplaining jazz. I’ve been thinking about La La Land’s issues and whether Babylon will also display Chazelle’s lack of substance when it comes to writing, plot and characterization. Will we care about any of Babylon’s characters, or will they just be dumb pretty people getting into dumb shenanigans in a series of beautiful set pieces? The full-length trailer has come out:

This trailer features much more of Brad Pitt’s character than the first one. Pitt plays an established star of the early-Hollywood era, while Diego Calva and Margot Robbie are playing young actors on the come-up. Anyway, this trailer doesn’t give me much hope that I’ll care about these characters whatsoever. I also think it’s probably typecasting to have Pitt playing an aging alcoholic mess who relies on his good looks and privilege to get him out of jams.

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