So is this Bigfoot, or a guy dressed up in a Bigfoot suit, or… what?!

A Michigan kayaker claims to have captured a 4-second video of Sasquatch crossing the Cass River, a 61-mile-long river that runs from just south of Saginaw to the eastern part of the state. And while Bigfoot researchers and enthusiast are hotly debating the video, it’s not clear what exactly we’re watching when we see it… so we need YOUR help deciding what you think it is, of course!

A man named Eddie V. shared a picture and video with the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization, and the group promptly posted the clip on YouTube last week. Explaining the situation, Eddie told the organization (below):

“My cousin was kayaking on the Cass River here in Michigan, when he took this picture. Not sure what it is, but I have sent it to a few people to see what they say. Some say it’s Bigfoot carrying a baby Bigfoot, others say it’s Bigfoot carrying a deer.”


So, as you can see (below), whatever the thing is definitely appears to be wading across the water at just below waist height, and it does appear as though the unidentified creature is carrying… something.

Ch-ch-check out the original video clip, plus some of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization’s analysis of what’s going on, in the video (below):

Wow! So whatever it is, it’s definitely weird!

But is it really Bigfoot??

For whatever it’s worth, the organization member narrating the YouTube video was non-committal in his analysis. The man even went so far as to say he was “on the fence” about whether it was a real Bigfoot sighting, and added (below):

“I’m not sure what this is. But I don’t know if anyone noticed, but it’s walking directly under some power lines. Those easements for the power lines, so it looks like it’s crossing the river under the power lines, so it’s going easement to easement — there will be a small clearing that will make it easier for it to travel through the thick of the forest.”

The power line thing is a prominent theory of the “Bigfoot Highway” proposed by famed Sasquatch hunter James Fay.

According to Fay, Bigfoot creatures walk those power line easements that have been cleared in the woods in order to travel far faster from place to place, not needing to cut down brush and go through the thick of the forest. So, that’s something!

We’re learning all kinds of things here today. LOLz!

As for social media commenters reacting to the video, well, nobody could quite decide on a consensus for what they’d seen in that video. Here are just a few comments throwing out possibilities for what the camera captured (below):

“It’s a heavy set man with a lot of fishing gear and waders on.”

“This looks like a hunter in dark brown canvas gear carrying a rifle bag above the water.”

“The rifle bag has a beige colored strap, which can be seen in the photo looking like ‘deer legs’.”

“Looks like a guy in waders crossing the Cass River, alot of people fish there”

“It looks like a costume, it looks like you can see folds of material.”

“It’s a man in waders with a mosquito net over his head”

“That’s my sister-in-law, she’s not much of a real looker…”

“The major problem for me is: why is the video so short? If I saw that thing, I’d definitely continue filming or make a second video of it immediately after the first.”

That last comment is EVERYTHING!

Phone cameras are the best they’ve EVER been nowadays and people are more accustomed to shooting longer and longer videos than ever before. Have you ever been to a concert or a fireworks show? You know what we mean! So why is there no long, high-quality video of Bigfoot then?!

(Hmmm… did we just answer our own question?)

What do U think of this video, Perezcious readers?? Is that Bigfoot????

Sound OFF with your take on everything Bigfoot-related down in the comments (below)!

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