The terrifying video of Zac Stacy attacking his ex-GF has the sports world outraged … with players like NFL star Davante Adams calling for him to rot behind bars.

TMZ Sports broke the story … Stacy brutalized the mother of his child, punching her in the head before slamming her into a television as their 5-month-old son sat feet away during an incident over the weekend.

The Green Bay Packers receiver reacted to the story in a fiery tweet Thursday … saying, “ZAC STACY NEED TO BE THROWN UNDER THE JAIL.”

“Any man that puts his hands on a woman is a coward,” he added. “Can’t believe what I just saw.”

Chris Long — who was Stacy’s teammate with the St. Louis Rams — expressed his disbelief … saying, “Woke up to the Zac Stacy video. Made my stomach turn.”

“Crazy to play w someone for a couple years & you have no idea what kind of bulls**t they do at home.”

MMA star Uriah Hall was so upset over the vid, he even hinted at retaliating with violence of his own.

“Looking for a wife beater Zac Stacy anyone seen him?,” Hall tweeted. “Looking to give an ass whooping on site !!!”

As for the incident, the woman filed for a restraining order on Monday … out of fear for her life and the life of their son.

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