This is so, so sad.

A 28-year-old man lost his life when he attempted to jump over a turnstile in a New York Subway to avoid paying the fare early Sunday morning (not the turnstile pictured above). According to police, Christopher De La Cruz was found dead at the Forest Hills-71st Avenue train station in Queens around 6:45 a.m. over the weekend.

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A horrifying surveillance video released on Monday shows the man attempting to jump the barrier multiple times before ultimately falling to his death. In the clip, published by The New York Post, De La Cruz walks up to a turnstile while wearing a backpack and sweatshirt. The area around him is clear of people and he doesn’t appear to be rushing. Instead, he’s seemingly just trying to avoid paying the $2.75 fee. His first attempt to hop the turnstile sends his phone flying across the room. He stumbles backward before trying a few more times, falling or getting tangled in the metal bars after each effort.

On his final try, Christopher holds himself up on the railings as he tries to fling his legs over the bars. Sadly, he’s unable to get his legs high enough and then loses his balance, tumbling forward. He falls face-first across the barrier, and landing on his head. According to authorities, it snapped his neck. He is seen laying motionless immediately after the fall, which is how cops discovered him, as well. According to the Independent, authorities said Christopher was “unconscious and unresponsive” when they arrived. Police believe he was “attempting to evade the fare” when the situation unfolded —  less than $3, as mentioned. So devastating…

Because of the way Christopher was stumbling around in the video (below), some outlets have suspected that the man may have been intoxicated, though there are no reports to confirm that at this time. A spokesperson for the New York Police Department announced that a medical examiner will confirm the cause of death as soon as possible.

The terrifying surveillance footage can be seen HERE, but as a reminder, it is very graphic. Watch at your own risk.

We will be thinking of Christopher’s friends and family in this tragic start to the new year.

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