Oh, Prince Williams Earthshot food truck thing was completely staged? Huh.

As we discussed yesterday, Prince William (barely) did a thing to highlight some Earthshot Prize winners’ innovations. The thing in question was a video with food-vloggers Ben Ebbrell and Kush Bhasin of the YouTube channel Sorted Food – William turned up at the beginning to explain the innovations, then William left Kush and Ben to work out the applications and develop the veggie burger. Then William showed up at the end of the video to do a little skit with a food truck – William “served” the burgers to “unsuspecting” people and gave them a lecture about Earthshot. I’ve cued the video to that part:

As you can see, this isn’t really a city street available to passerbys. They set up the foodtruck in an alley or some kind of closed-off area, and then they brought people up to the foodtruck. Well, there’s a rumor going around that Sorted Food and/or Kensington Palace basically set up every part of the foodtruck skit, meaning those people were hand-selected and told how to give “surprised” reactions to William’s presence. It looks like the palace’s screenwriters are not on strike. Did they film this on some studio backlot?? Were those people paid for their acting performances?

— Republic (@RepublicStaff) July 31, 2023

— Republic (@RepublicStaff) July 31, 2023

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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