Oprah Invites Perez Hilton To Oprah's Lifeclass – Throwback!

What would Oprah do?

That’s the question Perez Hilton started asking himself after transforming his website’s voice from the “mean” celebrity callout culture of the 2000s into the more empathetic albeit analytical tone of the 2010s.

Nearly a decade before “cancel culture” forced people into self-reflection, the internet’s undisputed pioneer of celebrity blogging, of his own accord, felt a genuine need to grow. Against the advice of his executive team, who feared he’d lose out if The Queen of Gossip softened his shock jock style of celebrity spin, Perez knew he had to forge a different path if he were to stay true to his evolved heart.

After learning of the suicide of Tyler Clementi, a teenager who was bullied by peers over his sexuality, Perez pledged to be kinder. In October 2010, he went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to not just make that promise, but to publicly condemn his former ways in hopes that others wouldn’t follow suit. Following the Ellen interview and a number of personal apologies, the man behind the blog redirected his energy and writing into a more positive space, and he’s constantly been trying to change for the better ever since.

A huge part of this journey included attending Oprah’s Lifeclass series in 2012, where Perez spoke with spirituality guru Deepak Chopra and global inspiration Oprah Winfrey about the life-changing impact of positive energy.

Check out the clips for yourself (below):

Not everyone realizes Perez isn’t the same person from over 13 years ago, but every day he draws inspiration from experiences like these to continue his evolution — not just for himself, but for his children as well. In 2013, Perez became a father, and today he’s a happy dad of 3 to Mario Armando Lavandeira III, Mia Alma Lavandeira, and Mayte Amor Lavandeira. You can follow their family adventures HERE.

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” – Oprah

THANK YOU, OPRAH!! For the moment of a lifetime and more!!! Xoxo.

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