Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Has Something To Say About His Super Bowl Loss

Sunday’s Super Bowl saw the long-awaited meetup between GOAT Tom Brady and upstart Patrick Mahomes, as the quarterbacks finally battled it out on the field. Brady and his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ultimately emerged victorious, marking yet another major achievement in Brady’s lengthy and celebrated career. At 43, he’s almost 20 years Mahomes’ senior, making the Buccaneers’ win with him at the helm that much more impressive. 

Mahomes ensured there was no bad blood between the two athletes by approaching Brady post-match to let him know how well he did. Evidently, the Kansas City Chiefs’ star player isn’t taking his team’s loss to heart. As he told CBS Sports after the game, “All you can do is leave everything you have on the field, and I felt like the guys did that. They were the better team today.” Mahomes’ mother, however, isn’t taking the Buccaneers’ win quite as well. 

Patrick Mahomes' mom called out negative coverage of her son

Randi Mahomes took to Twitter to call out Super Bowl officials alongside Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen. “If you have to have the ref on your team is that really winning!!! @giseleofficial lol,” she posted.

As the New York Post notes, there were several questionable calls made during the game, which the Buccaneers emerged from with an impressive 31-9 victory over the Chiefs. Most notably, there was a heated exchange between Brady and Chiefs cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, who ultimately received a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct while the so-called GOAT wasn’t cautioned at all.

Likewise, Mahomes’ mother took issue with “how @espn @SportsCenter tried making fun of my son,” as she complained in a follow-up tweet. She added, “I know his heart and love for his team and chiefs nation! …Don’t forget these are someone’s sons.” Mahomes’ fiancée, Brittany Matthews, made similar complaints online about the allegedly negative coverage of her man (via Twitter). Although the reference to Bündchen from Mahomes’ mother seemed odd, it may have all been in good fun as she subsequently posted a sweet post-game shot with Brady’s parents, praising them for their kindness towards her. 

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