Paul Mescal had a coffee date with Angelina Jolie & Shiloh in London

Paul Mescal is one of those actors beloved by the youths, although I’m not sure most people over the age of 35 pay much attention to him. It’s not like he’s only internet-famous – he is not, I repeat – but I do feel like his fame is kind of niche to all but one particular generation? That’s not a drag, I’m just trying to make an accurate assessment. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m sure the comments will let me know. Anyway, Mescal was in the news before Christmas when the rumor mill began churning away that he and Phoebe Bridgers were/are over. They dated for something like three years and they were an It Couple for the younger people. So, it looks like Paul Mescal is 26 years old and single. Which makes it so interesting that he was spotted having coffee with Angelina Jolie.

Normal People star Paul Mescal was spotted enjoying a “coffee date” with Angelina Jolie in London. Irish actor Paul, 26, was pictured hanging out with the Hollywood actress, 47, after she watched him perform in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Almeida theatre.

The pair looked deep in conversation at the theatre’s coffee shop while surrounded by empty tables. They were joined by Angelina’s daughter Shiloh, 16, for the outing, who she shares with Brad Pitt, 59.

Paul – who is rumoured to have split from singer Phoebe Bridgers soon after reports of their engagement – wore a red t-shirt, while Angelina sported a stylish black trench coat and Shiloh wore a jacket and a beige beanie hat.

Paul stars as Stanley Kowalski to Lydia Wilson’s Blanche in the Almeida Theatre’s red hot revival of the Tennessee Williams classic. The actor has been is reportedly single after Phoebe was seen looking cosy with Bo Burnham in New York.

[From The Sun]

As much as I would love it if Angelina Jolie took a younger lover and a new generation was introduced to Angelina’s sultry villainness ways, I think this was just a coffee break. My guess is that Shiloh is probably a big fan (as I said, he’s Gen-Z-famous) and Mescal probably wanted to talk to Angelina. I bet they had a pleasant time and I bet Shiloh geeked out on him. It’s lovely that he made the time for Angelina and Shiloh and that they made the time for him too. I wonder if he’s a good Stanley Kowalski? Hm.

December 29, 2022.

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