Pedro Pascal has caused three road rage incidents: people are going through sh-t

One of my most controversial opinions is that I do not have a crush on Pedro Pascal. He might be the Internet’s daddy, but he ain’t mine. I know a lot of you will worry that there’s something seriously wrong with me. But I don’t get the hype. I don’t dislike him, I think he’s cute. He just leaves me cold. I won’t deny, though, that he gives good interview. He always seems authentically himself and fully at home in his body, which is I think why so many people are attracted to him. All the coverage I’ve read of him makes him sound like an interesting dude and he’s always making other people laugh. He and Steven Yeun interviewed each other for Variety, probably to capitalize on Emmy buzz for The Last of Us and Beef. They like each other a lot, and bonded over being in zombie-themed projects (Steven was on The Walking Dead). Another subject that came up? Road rage. Apparently, Pedro is no stranger to road rage. He detailed a recent encounter with another driver that freaked him out.

Pedro Pascal is no stranger to road rage. The Last of Us star said he’s had three recent anger incidents while driving — one which ended with a slimy lesson learned.

In a conversation with Beef star Steven Yeun for Variety — while discussing the rage-fueled plot of the Netflix series — Pascal, 48, recounted his latest altercation on the road.

“Yesterday was a day. It was my fault,” he told Yeun. “I’ve had three incidents, and they’ve all been my fault.”

This one, in particular, wasn’t mess free. “I cut somebody off, and I look over, and there’s a big glob of saliva — like visual effects put it there, man — just dripping down the side of the passenger window. And my sister was like, ‘F—!’”

Yeun, 39, chimed in to ask for details. “Holy s—. Like a glob from the driver’s side? He just hocked a hard loogie at you?” he asked.

When Pascal confirmed the other driver spit at him, he said the altercation didn’t actually make him angry at all — unlike the characters in Beef. It actually did the opposite.

“I was in shock. It didn’t trigger any rage out of me. It absolutely humbled me and shocked me, scared me a little bit, disturbed me,” Pascal said, later adding, “They want me to drink in their saliva. It made me feel guilty. I was like, ‘Gosh, people are going through s—.’”

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I feel like that’s sort of par for the course in LA. People are angry drivers there. (My family is from there and I grew up nearby so I am allowed to say that!) I’ve had scary road rage incidents myself. But the last time I cut somebody off kind of aggressively, the guy showed me his gun. So I’ve stopped taking chances. That wasn’t in LA but it was in the suburbs. I can’t decide how I feel about Pedro being an aggressive driver. It doesn’t fit with the public perception of who he is. But you do have to adopt a certain mentality in Los Angeles in order to get anywhere. He’s just driving the same way as everybody else. Of course that other driver spitting at him scared Pedro. Spitting at someone is one of the most disrespectful things you can do, in my book. But road rage is also on the rise lately and I think that’s partially a hangover from the pandemic. I think collective trauma and fraying of public trust have made us less patient with each other. People seem to have shorter fuses now. I’m glad nothing worse happened to Pedro.

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