Peloton Instructor Leanne Hainsby Reveals Secret Battle With Breast Cancer

Beloved Peloton instructor Leanne Hainsby just got incredibly vulnerable about what’s been going on in her personal life over the last six months.

On Friday, the fitness guru took to Instagram to share she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August and has been quietly receiving treatment ever since. At just 35 years old, Leanne explained she noticed a lump in her breast and immediately went to have it checked. After her first doctor didn’t think anything was wrong, she trusted her gut and decided to get a second opinion — which was ultimately a life-saving decision!

She explained:

“Here goes… Two days before my best friend’s funeral, I found a lump in my breast. That really is a sentence I NEVER imagined writing. After multiple scans and appointments with consultants and cancer nurses, and being completely terrified for a few weeks, in August 2022, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Here’s one of the craziest parts: while undergoing intense chemotherapy, she was also STILL teaching her live fitness classes! Such a superwoman! She continued:

“Where possible, I have continued to show up as ‘normal,’ but my reality most of the time has looked very different.”

She added:

“I have completed 12 weeks of chemo. I would teach my Wednesday morning LIVE classes, and then meet my Mum and go to the treatment suite for my weekly dose (alongside other drugs as part of my treatment). Chemo is no joke. Cold caps are no joke.”

The British fitness sensation has already undergone surgery and will have her portacath (a device installed inside the body to dispense treatment) removed soon, but her health journey is far from over:

“Treatment will continue for a long time for me, hospital visits are the norm, and I focus on one step at a time. I do feel very fortunate to be having my treatment privately. The nurses and doctors are incredible, and I wouldn’t be here without them.”

Leanne also revealed she and her fiancé, fellow Peloton instructor Ben Alldis, had the chance to complete one round of IVF before chemo began:

“We weren’t mentally prepared, but we got it done and we’re so grateful.”

Alongside a series of photos from her time in the hospital, she thanked her Peloton fans for giving her hope even when they didn’t realize what she was going through. Finally, she finished by expressing her gratitude for the support she’s received, saying:

“I’m nearly 6 months down the line. I’m in fantastic hands, and I’ve got this. Nobody wants to be sat in a room and told they have cancer, and yet I’ve always felt like one of the lucky ones. I am one of the lucky ones. Lucky to be diagnosed early, lucky to be moving fast through treatment, lucky to know I WILL BE OK. Your life outlook becomes so very different in times like this. I think anyone who has had to ask ‘am I going to die?’ to a medical professional would probably say the same. But then you fight. You gain a strength you never knew you had, and you keep pushing forward. Strong, as healthy as possible, and empowered.”

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Wow! What an inspiration!!

Her partner was quick to send her some praise, commenting:

“I love you @leannehainsby You have shown me time and time again over this last year why i’m the luckiest guy alive that you said yes to marrying me. Showing resilience, grace and still managing to be there for others while you go through this all. Your shining light is shining brighter than ever

He also opened up in his own heartfelt post (below):

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Several other Peloton stars also had such kind words to share, writing:

Cody Rigsby: “we love you so much. So proud of your strength and resilience. We are here for you every step of the way

Kendall Toole: “how you have handled so much pain, grief and uncertainty with the level of grace and sparkle that is authentic to your soul is both a massive inspiration but doesn’t necessarily surprise me. The love, the support and the prayers for you and belief in the bright future ahead will not stop but know I will be here for you, @benjaminalldis and your family every step of the way.

Tunde Oyeneyin: “I remember the first time I met you… I said to myself ‘that girl radiates.’ Leanne, you continue to radiate. You bring light to every room you enter. Even now, you shed light on your story to spark a light in others. My love is with you and @benjaminalldis”

We are sending so much love to Leanne as she continues to navigate this difficult health battle. We’re so glad to see she has such a positive attitude! Send your well wishes to the instructor (below)!

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