Phoebe Bridgers smashing her guitar on 'SNL' called out: 'That seemed extra'

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Phoebe Bridgers made her “Saturday Night Live” debut on Feb. 6 to high praise and harsh criticism. 

During the 26-year-old’s second performance on the stage in Studio 8H, she sang “I Know The End,” then smashed her guitar on an amp and bang shouting with her bandmates.

Many people took to Twitter in reaction to her behavior and called it “extra” and “tantrum”-like.

“Why did this woman, Phoebe Bridgers, destroy her guitar on SNL? I mean, I didn’t care much for the song either, but that seemed extra,” said one person. 

“No clue who this is. Googled her and have even less of a clue, but the way she’s destroying her guitar makes it look like she’s having a tantrum, and I’m quite frankly done with grown a** adults throwing public tantrums,” reasoned another. 

Bridgers actually responded to a few fans who called her out for destroying the electric guitar. 

“I told danelectro [the guitar company] I was going to do it and they wished me luck and told me they’re hard to break,” she revealed on Twitter. 

The California native also assured everyone the monitor that was broken in the process was fake. “They made me a fake one to break lol,” she said.


Another fan came to Bridgers’ defense and detailed how it’s a long tradition to break guitars on the “SNL” stage citing Arcade Fire in 2007 and Sturgill Simpson in 2020. 

Another person pointed out it seemed “misogynistic” to attack Bridgers when men are praised for doing the same thing. 

“It really does come across as misogynistic when it’s basically just hating when a woman does something that tons of men have consistently done with cheers, not just even in the far past, but RECENTLY?” the user wrote. 

“That’s an old Rock and Roll tradition started by the Who,” agreed someone else. 


During the episode hosted by Dan Levy, Bridgers also performed “Kyoto” from her recent album “Punisher.” 

This year she also earned four nominations at the 2021 Grammys: best new artist, best alternative album, and best rock song and best rock performance.

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