Carol McGiffin says Piers Morgan is a ‘hypocrite’ in 2020

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Former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, 56, sparked criticism when he posted a lengthy tweet detailing his routine today, which featured rounds of medical tests and checks after he confirmed that he had caught Covid last month at the Euro 2020 final. However, following hundreds of responses, the outspoken columnist hit back at the “incredibly stupid” responses his tweet had elicited after giving the candid health update amid his recovery.

Twitter is polluted by a lot of incredibly stupid people

Piers Morgan

Documenting his Wednesday, Piers revealed that his day consisted of multiple medical checks, as he continues to suffer with coronavirus symptoms.

In a tweet to his 7.9 million followers, the star said that he started his day at 7am with a “Covid PCR test”, which he had previously said he needed as he’s planning to “fly on Monday and needed a negative result.”

Two hours later, Piers said that he went for a haircut, before visiting his doctor at midday.

His day continued with “blood tests” half an hour later, before undergoing “lung tests”, an “ECG & ECHO”, and a “CT scan” in the afternoon.

At 4pm, Piers took a rest following his medical examinations and treated himself to a manicure and pedicure.

Half an hour later, he ended the day with a drink that he admitted he wouldn’t “be able to taste” due to his Covid symptoms.

Followers of the former newspaper editor flocked to the comments, with many in shock at the amount of tests the father-of-four was having in one day.

One social media user wrote: “You are so very lucky to be able to get all these tests on the same day!

“Do I presume it’s not NHS? Or did they make an exception because of who you are?”

Another penned: “A normal person would wait months for only one of them medical procedures for it to be cancelled.”(sic)

While a third commented: “Should be going straight home to isolate after a PCR test.

“Instead, you are advertising the idea that you can enter a public space post-PCR test while being symptomatic of COVID 19. Practice what you heavily, heavily preach, @piersmorgan.”

But after spotting the responses, Piers felt the need to hit back against the backlash he received over documenting his day.

He wrote: “The many comically furious & woefully ill-informed replies to this tweet confirm:

“1) Twitter is polluted by a lot of incredibly stupid people.

Piers added: “2) Twitter amateur covid experts are the least expert experts of any experts on Planet Earth.”

Recently, the star told how he had inadvertently lost weight while feeling “as rough as a badger’s backside” after contracting the virus.

In his column for the Daily Mail, Piers relayed how he is still suffering from symptoms three weeks after contracting Covid at Wembley.

“It’s now been three weeks since I went down with Covid, and I still feel as rough as a badger’s backside, with chronic fatigue and a lack of taste/smell,” he penned.

“Many friends have also recently had the virus, with varying severity, as the Delta variant spreads like wildfire,” he added.

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