Piers Morgan rages over ludicrous changes to Roald Dahl books

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Piers Morgan has branded the publisher’s move as a “relentless war on language” as he blasted the “self-righteous wastrels” who think they know better about what the public “should be allowed to hear, read, watch, laugh or think”.  Roald Dahl’s estate and publisher, Puffin Books, said works including The BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had been updated to be more suitable for modern audiences.

Some of the changes to Dahl’s novels include Augustus Gloop, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is now described as “enormous”, with the word “fat” removed from every book, according to the Telegraph.

Mrs Twit, from the Twits, is no longer “ugly and beastly”, but simply “beastly”.

In the same book, “a weird African language” is no longer weird and the words “crazy” and “mad” have also been removed as a result of an emphasis on mental health, the newspaper reported.

A threat to “knock her flat” in Matilda has become “give her a right talking to”.

Piers referenced the character Augustus Gloop no longer being referred to as “fat”.

“But then I stopped laughing, because I realized just how outrageous, and dangerous, this is,” he went on.

“By rewriting vast swaths of a great writer’s work in this way, purely to appease the never-satisfied, always-whining woke brigade, Puffin has surrendered to a new form of fascism.”

Piers argued that Dahl’s books are written in a bid to challenge children’s minds even if it is “unsettling or scares them”.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter suggested Puffin’s use of censorship is a form of “cultural vandalism” as he posed the question “how can  this happen in democratic countries like Britain and America?”

Piers concluded: “But for supposed homes of free speech to be kowtowing to the woke cancel-culture mob in such an appalling way is pathetic.

“Roald Dahl would be turning in his grave at what’s being done to his words, and by the tacit approval of the gutless goons running his estate who gave their approval to this literary arson.”

The Uncensored presenter branded the publishers “spineless” for altering Dahl’s work.

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