Plies Gives Signature Gold Grill Backyard Burial After Getting Real Teeth Fixed

Having ditched his mouthpiece for new pearly whites, the ‘Shawty’ rapper shares with fans that his new smile got his mother to cry and tell him, ‘I finally got my baby back.’

AceShowbiz -Rapper Plies is showing off his new set of teeth after ditching his signature gold grill.

The “Shawty” star, real name Algernod Washington, became known for his shiny gold gnashers after rising to fame in the late 2000s, but he recently decided to remove his dental accessory for good and finally get his real teeth fixed.

On Thursday (January 14), Plies held a memorial service for his mouthpiece as he gave it a backyard burial, and shared the funny footage online.

“It’s a very sad day today,” he shared in the clip. “We’re all gathered here today to bury my gold teeth. Finally did it, man. It’s been a long time coming, but change gon’ come.”

In the accompanying caption, the rapper admitted it was hard to part ways with the fake teeth.

“I Just Removed & Buried My Gold Teeth!!!!!!” he wrote. “I Never Thought In A Million Years This Day Would Come!! I Wanted Elevation So I Stepped Out On Faith!!! I Ate Some Good P**sy With Them Teeth Doe!!!! I Heard Women Love Men With Pretty Smiles (sic)!!!!”

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On Friday, Plies posted a selfie on Twitter as he gave fans a look at his new pearly whites, which had brought his mum to tears.

“I Just Showed My Mom My New Smile,” he shared. “She Hugged Me Started Crying & Said ‘I Finally Got My Baby Back.’ One Of The Proudest Days Of My Life.”

“2021 I’m Might Just Turn Into A Full Time Brand Ambassador With This New Smile.”

However, Plies warned future lovers he would no longer be participating in any oral sex to preserve his new teeth: “No C**chie Gettin Ate With These,” he added, before asking, “(Ladies) How Did I Do (sic)?”

Missy Elliott commented on Plies’ declaration of no more oral sex.

Among his famous fans showing Plies support was hip-hop icon Missy Elliott, who replied, “Yo fly either way but this handsome on ya my cancerian bruh (sic).”

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