As you’ve probably seen already, the British newspapers were full of “memoir melodrama” this weekend. The Daily Mail fiction about Prince Harry’s “four-book deal” was the jumping-off point for a million stories about how the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William feel about all of this truth-telling and literacy. The Sunday Times apparently had a big story about all of this, and sources spoke about how Charles and William are feeling:

“I fear they may sail into the sunset now, convinced they did the right thing by speaking ‘their truth,’” a royal aide told the Sunday Times. “Now I hope everyone shuts the f*** up.”

Charles has been “genuinely been so upset” by Harry’s criticisms of him. “He just doesn’t recognize any of the examples or narrative.” Friends of William and Harry say William “despairs” of Harry, “but the shock factor is wearing off,” the paper says.

[From The Daily Beast]

“He just doesn’t recognize any of the examples or narrative” – what is even happening? Harry hasn’t portrayed Charles as some arch-villain. Harry has already spoken in detail about the arguments he had with his father and the rest of the family. Does Charles truly believe that he has been this amazing father who had Harry’s back during the hardest moments? Charles has absolutely never been that man. Anyway, in addition to that, the Daily Mail had a piece about how Harry’s book could destabilize the monarchy. If this centuries-old institution can be destabilized by a ginger prince’s memoir, then maybe the monarchy shouldn’t exist? Just a thought! Some highlights:

Destabilize the monarchy: The Royal Family are reeling from ‘very real fears’ that Prince Harry’s four-book deal could destabilise the Monarchy by undermining the reputation of his father when he ascends the throne. There is concern that the release of one of the books is reportedly due to come after the death of the Queen, which could hamper the ‘transition’ – a process that began several years ago to prepare the country slowly for the succession.

The courtiers are so mad: [The memoir’s publication] also coincides with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and there is concern that it could overshadow celebrations to mark her 70 years as Monarch. A source said there was also ‘anger and disappointment’ among courtiers that the Queen faces anxiety over the content of the book just months after the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

The courtiers won’t “respond”: Senior Palace officials have decided not to respond publicly to the announcement for fear of ‘fanning the flames’ of an already strained relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Palace aides are not confident that the Sussexes will provide senior Royals with an advance draft of the manuscript or even tell them about the content.

The York princesses understand: While Harry’s rift with his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William is clear, The Mail on Sunday understands that his cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, are far more sympathetic to him. ‘They believe Harry’s outspoken remarks may have been triggered because previously his voice and opinions were rarely heard within the Royal Family,’ said a friend, adding that Harry was seen as the family’s ‘resident joker’ and that ‘eyes would roll’ whenever he ventured an opinion on serious matters. They believe that a string of recent interviews, including the bombshell TV special with US chat show host Oprah Winfrey, meant he feels he ‘is finally being listened to’.

[From The Daily Mail]

Narrator’s voice: The courtiers are responding, right here, in this piece where they’re whining about how they’re not going to respond.

My guess is that the Queen isn’t all that worried about any of this, and all of this angst and drama is coming from Charles and the courtiers. And I’ll say it again: arguing that Harry has the power to “bring down the monarchy” or “destabilize the monarchy” says more about the state of the monarchy than Harry. Same thing with the argument of “William will need Harry when Will is king.” If William can’t function as king without his younger brother, then that says more about William, not Harry.

As for the thing about the York princesses… that’s very interesting to me. Harry is especially close to Eugenie, we know that. I’ve been wondering this whole time if Harry isn’t showing Beatrice and Eugenie that they have a path to leave and do their own thing too.

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