When Prince George was a baby, we all predicted that he would be a little hellraiser. On his first royal tour to Australia – before he was even one year old – George was punching other babies, trying to grab a bilby and throwing gifts on the floor. He was a fun baby. But as he matured, George is not really the hellion we thought he would be. He gives off more of a shy, reserved energy. He and Charlotte actually seem super-wary these days, as their parents force them out in public more and more. Well, Katie Nicholl’s book, The New Royals, has a story about George. Remember, Nicholl’s sourcing for the book is almost entirely Kensington Palace and Middleton Manor. Meaning, Prince William and Kate want this story out here, and they probably think it’s “cute.”

Do you even know who my father is? Prince George warned classmates who were on his bad side that they’d better “watch out” because his father, Prince William, will one day be king, according to royal author Katie Nicholl.

“My dad will be king so you better watch out,” the royal expert claims the future monarch, 9, once said in her book, “The New Royals.”

According to the Daily Mail, Nicholl also writes about how George is very much aware that he will one day be king himself.

“They are raising their children, particularly Prince George, with an awareness of who he is and the role he will inherit, but they are keen not to weigh them down with a sense of duty,” the author said.

[From Page Six]

This bugs me. It bugs me that it’s being presented as a cute story and not like a bratty streak which should be addressed through parenting. I suspect George is getting this kind of sh-t from his parents and from Carole Middleton, who spends a lot of time raising and influencing her grandson. Children are very influenced by what they see at home. George is likely mimicking what he hears his father say, and that sh-t is being reinforced by Kate and Carole, that George is special, that he’s different, that he can do whatever he wants because he’ll be king one day.

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