Do you remember the spring of 2020, when the British media learned that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex flew from Canada to LA? The British commentators were absolutely gleeful with predictions that the paparazzi would swarm Harry and Meghan constantly in California, that their privacy would be invaded constantly, that Harry had jumped from the frying pan into the fryer. Now, the paparazzi did invade their privacy, especially when they were staying at Tyler Perry’s house. British outlets flew drones over the property and there were photographers trying to breach the property on foot too. But over the past two years, there have been so few photos of Harry and Meghan in California. Their security works, they know how to move around quietly, and despite the bounties put on their heads by the British media, Harry and Meghan are able to live a largely private life. All of those gleefully nasty predictions by British commentators never came to fruition.

I bring that up because Meghan and Harry were seen and photographed last night, but just barely. They attended a Jack Johnson and Paula Fuga concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl. It looks like they were in some VIP section – TMZ says they watched the concert “from a special cordoned off section with 10 other people.” TMZ also claims that Harry and Meghan arrived separately – Meghan at 8 pm, then Harry an hour later, and they were there with friends. TMZ’s photos are super-grainy. LOL.

Some of the photos in this post are from Paula Fuga’s Instagram Stories. She was so thrilled to meet Harry and Meghan! Before she went on stage, she even did a video about how they were in the audience.


— R.S. Locke / Royal Suitor (@royal_suitor) October 7, 2022

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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