Prince Harry made arrangements to travel to Balmoral yesterday soon after the Palace released an honest assessment of Queen Elizabeth’s failing health. For hours, it was believed that Harry and Meghan would be traveling up to Balmoral together, then we learned that no, Harry was traveling alone. We don’t know why that change happened – my theory is that it was a simple security issue, and Harry felt (correctly, I think) that Meghan would be safer and more secure if she stayed in Windsor. I’ve seen the theories that Meghan was “forced” to stay in Windsor because Kate was left behind too. I don’t think that was a factor (but I could be wrong). The thing which has piqued my curiosity is that Prince William, the Wessexes and the Duke of York all traveled up to Scotland together, and arguably they would have flown out of an airport close to Windsor. Did they refuse to invite Harry, who was also in Windsor, to travel with them?

Harry ended up arriving at Balmoral hours after his grandmother had passed away and after the Palace announced her death. He arrived around 8 pm GMT, and he’s reportedly already left Balmoral – he was the first member of the family to leave, at around 8 am GMT. The Windsors had gathered at Balmoral and all of them stayed overnight. Harry is headed back to Windsor and he will reportedly stay in the UK for the time being, according to Omid Scobie. I would imagine he will stay through the funeral.

There has (so far) been no mention of Meghan’s plans, and whether she’ll fly back to California to be with their children, whether she too will attend the funeral. BBC correspondent Nicholas Witchell suggested on air that Meghan didn’t go to Balmoral because she “might not be terribly warmly welcomed.” Because even on a somber day, these people had to get their jabs in. I would imagine that Harry and Meghan will figure out the logistics of what they’ll both do when they see each other in person.

Now that Harry’s father is King Charles III, that means Harry’s two children are now Princess Lilibet Diana and Prince Archie Harrison, as all grandchildren of the monarch are automatically princes and princesses. Meghan spoke about this issue in the Oprah interview – during her pregnancy with Archie, there were conversations about how Charles wanted to change the rules to strip the Sussex children of their titles when he was king. It might still happen eventually, but I can’t see King Charles III concerning himself with that issue right now, or even before his coronation.

Last thing: the Sussexes changed the Archewell main page to an all-black image in memory of Harry’s grandmother.

— TMZ (@TMZ) September 8, 2022

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