Last week, American gossip outlets were still claiming that Prince Harry had to be quarantined in the UK for ten days before the fakakta statue-unveiling. But they were wrong, and/or the UK quarantine rules are confusing. While we’ve never gotten confirmation on it, I would also assume that Harry is fully vaccinated by now, which probably contributed to the Queen’s decision to stop by Frogmore Cottage last Friday to see her favorite grandson (lol). My point? I don’t know, that I don’t really understand the UK’s quarantine rules either, but I guess this could be true: the Sun claims that Harry will step out at a charity bash this evening.

Prince Harry flies to Britain early to be the “surprise guest” at a secret charity bash today. The Duke of Sussex, 36, is isolating at Frogmore Cottage before tomorrow’s unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue. But he landed in London on Friday so he can leave his quarantine 24 hours earlier and attend today’s hush-hush event as a surprise guest.

A source said: “Organisers have moved Heaven and Earth to make this happen. It’s been carefully choreographed. It’s an incredibly important day for him and the organisers want to make it as successful as possible.”

Harry was stripped of his military and royal patronages when he stepped back from royal duties to move to the US. But he and his wife Meghan, 39, have kept their private links to charities.

[From The Sun]

I find it sus that The Sun would have this exclusive information about Harry’s attendance at a charity bash… but they don’t name the charity. Hm. Harry just made an appearance at the virtually-held Diana Award charity thing, and he’s got other patronages left in the UK as well, like WellChild and African Parks. I wonder if it’s for WellChild? He used to do a lot of work for WellChild. It would be funny if Harry did something for Heads Together, the now practically-defunct “umbrella charity” for all of his work, Kate’s work and William’s work on mental health. Kate and William have barely said anything about Heads Together in the past year.

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