Princess Kate wore all-beige to some afternoon events in Scarborough

Don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here, thinking about all of the times the Duchess of Sussex has worn shades of beige, khaki and camel. For no reason at all! Here are photos of the Prince and Princess of Wales out in Scarborough today. This was Kate’s first public event since October 13th, exactly three weeks/21 days ago. Now, don’t worry – she did three private events on Tuesday, including “making a phone call” and “signing a letter.”

This visit to Scarborough was all about mental health and the youths. They visited a local youth organization because the Royal Foundation is funding – maybe? – a program within the youth organization to focus on mental health. I’m actually not sure about whether the Royal Foundation is actually funding jacksh-t or whether the Waleses are merely showing up and saying “this organization should be funded!” This trip is also the reason why we got that preview piece from Sky News about William and Kate’s keenness for the cost of living crisis. Kensington Palace is trying to say that William and Kate choppering into Scarborough and possibly funding a mental health program for youths is about the cost of living crisis too!

As for fashion, Kate wore an all-camel look. Her coat is Max & Co, retailing for £460. Her purse is DeMellier, retailing for £295. Her belt is from Boden. The whole look is very “inspired by Meghan,” from the length of the skirt to the monochromatism to the open coat. Tonally, I wish the purse had been a shade darker, and I think she probably should have gone for darker shoes too. The trouble with all-beige is that sometimes it looks too fleshy, and I think that’s happening here. I’m also shocked by the lack of big, gaudy buttons.

Updated with new photos!

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