Kyrie Irving has some in his corner who are willing to go to war for him over his vaccine stance — and we mean that literally … ’cause they were doing just that this weekend.

A group of protestors hit the streets Sunday to advocate for the Brooklyn Nets star, who’s sidelined right now since he’s not vaccinated … which is preventing him playing with the team whatsoever, due to NYC’s vaccine mandate and the team’s wider policy.

Well, these folks think it’s BS — and apparently were itching to get inside to let Nets officials know first-hand, ’cause they were attempting to storm the Barclays Center’s front entrance … shortly before tipoff against the Hornets.

Check out this footage … demonstrators clashed with security, and bowled over barricades.

It sounds like the chaos only lasted for a short time, and eventually … cops and security got it under control. So, it appears to have been a flash mob type deal. Still though … pretty damn intense for however long they were there. Things escalated quickly, as you can see.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem Kyrie is caving to the pressure — he’s been mostly laying low since making his POV clear … namely, that he’s against mandates, not vaccines.

To this crowd, it’s probably all the same … vaccines, mandates, whatever. They see Kyrie as a hero in their eyes.

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