Earlier this week, we reported on the tragic news that Ex on the Beach star Chris Pearson had passed away at the age of 35.

It was later revealed that Pearson had been stabbed to death during an argument.

Needless to say, this horrific turn of events has led to an outpouring of grief and sympathy on social media, and many fellow MTV stars have offered heartfelt tributes to Pearson.

And then there’s Ronnie Magro who saw an opportunity to cash in on this tragedy and jumped on it.

If you follow any of them on Instagram, then you’re probably aware that reality stars often supplement their incomes by posting links to clickbait articles.

Usually, this practice is pretty harmless.

The celeb gets paid to link to a story about another celeb, and while the link usually leads to baseless, unreadable crap, no one really gets hurt.

But sometimes, the story that the person linked to contains damaging misinformation, or, as in this case, exploits a tragedy in an effort to make a quick buck.

Like so many others, Ronnie posted about Pearson’s murder, but he did so in wildly disrespectful fashion.

“#RIP MTV star brutally MURDERED #LinkInBio,” read a post on Ronnie’s Instagram page.

As you can see, he obscured Pearson’s photo with a broken heart emoji so that curious followers would be forced to click on the link in Ronnie’s bio in order to find out how was murdered.

It’s a gross exploitation of a tragic event, and Ronnie should absolutely be ashamed himself.

Fortunately, quite a few commenters called him out, and the post has now been removed.

“He’s getting worse,” one person wrote, referring to Magro’s recent spate of questionable behavior.

“Clickbait is getting out of control. This is so distasteful to that poor guys family. Using a murder for clicks & cash…” another added.

“He’s such a disgusting human. Who tf would post that,” a third chimed in.

The comments on Ron’s post were overwhelmingly negative, and some users really went in on the controversial Jersey Shore star.

“This is so distasteful,” one person remarked.

“This is the smut that pays for his vacations. What garbage,” yet another commented.

Making matters worse, is the fact that Ronnie’s life has been one egregious offense after another for several years now.

Magro has been arrested on domestic violence charges multiple times now, and yet somehow, he’s still employed by MTV.

The most recent incident involved Ronnie’s current fiancee, Saffire Matos, who decided not to press charges after calling the police.

Were it not for that change of heart, Magro would almost certainly be doing time on felony domestic assault charges, as he was still on probation from his previous domestic violence arrest at the time.

For whatever reason, MTV remains committed to this deeply troubled and problematic star,

There were rumors that Magro had been fired from Shore after he missed several days of shooting, but it seems he had just taken a few days away from the set to “focus on his mental health.”

That’s not enough.

MTV and the production company responsible for Jersey Shore have an opportunity to send a message about what sort of behavior will be tolerated within their organizations, and they’re passing it up.

As if the fact that the show is horrendously boring now wasn’t reason enough to stop watching Jersey Shore.

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