Rebel Wilson Reveals She Was Kidnapped At Gunpoint & Held Captive Overnight During Africa Trip

Rebel Wilson was reportedly kidnapped at gunpoint while in Africa with friends. The actress described the ‘petrifying’ night in a new interview and revealed her role in helping the group remain calm in crisis.

Despite being reportedly kidnapped by multiple men with “big guns,” while in Africa, Rebel Wilson managed to keep calm. The Pitch Perfect alum, 40, recalled the frightening incident to Ant Middleton in an upcoming episode of SkyTV’s Straight Talking, which is set to air in the U.K. on Thursday, January 14. Rebel also took to Instagram to post a photo from the trip alongside Middleton, who traveled with her.

“It was in rural Mozambique. We were on this cattle truck and these men came on another truck with a lot of guns,” Rebel said in the episode, according to The Sun.  “”[They pulled up beside us] with the big guns and they were like, ‘Yeah, you’ve got to get off your truck.’” The actress went on to claim that the group was taken to a house, where they were held overnight.

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“They sat us down, and I said, ‘Everybody link arms,’ because I was petrified in the night that they might want to take one of the girls or something,” Rebel continued, noting, “I felt like I was very good in the crisis. I was like a team leader” throughout the situation.

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As for what happened next? — “They came and said, ‘Your truck is ready now. You can go, go, go,’” Rebel described of the moment her and her friends were released unharmed. “We just got back on that truck and got out of there and crossed the South African border a few hours late.”

While it’s unclear why Rebel and her friends were reportedly targeted, the Isn’t It Romantic star shared, “I think maybe those guys, maybe, used us to smuggle illegal things in the bottom of the truck.”

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The interview also touched on Rebel’s past struggles with her weight. “I wasn’t loving myself in the way that I should,” she said when asked to recall “the first time you had issues with your weight.”

Rebel, who spent all of 2020 focusing on her “year of health,” is down to her goal weight (165 lbs.!) after losing 40 pounds. The actress, who’s been very open about her health journey, enjoys a variety of workouts including boxing, hiking and even tire-flipping.

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