Regé-Jean Page: Will Regé-Jean Page be able to follow up his success on Bridgerton?

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Regé-Jean Page’s career has launched into the mainstream amid the success of the Netflix period drama Bridgerton. The series was released on Netflix last month and features stars including Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne Bridgerton), Nicola Coughlan (Penelope Featherington) and Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton). But will Regé be able to follow up his success?

Will Regé-Jean Page be able to follow up his success on Bridgerton?

Since the release of Bridgerton last month, the cast of the show has since become well-known across the world.

Following this, Regé who plays Simon Basset aka The Duke of Hastings on the series has also become a contender for the next 007.

While his career has taken off thanks to the popularity of Bridgerton spoke to media consultant Jayjay Epega on how his success means he now leads a life within the public eye.

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She explained: “With the massive rush of overnight fame, the downside is that you now become public property.

“Every move will be watched, interest in your love life will be beyond. (Think Brad Pitt!).

“The search for all intimate past and present details on your life will be endless. It’s the loss of a massive amount of privacy essentially.”

She went on to talk of how restrictions amid the pandemic have aided his privacy during his increased popularity.

Jayjay added: “Where the pandemic comes in to ‘save’ the situation around this in a somewhat ‘positive’ way, is that it has provided a protective shield – at least even for a year, there is the opportunity to go out with a mask on – major face coverage and no public gatherings helps greatly. The initial frenzy has a chance to calm itself over time!”

However, despite his breakout role on Bridgerton, Jayjay highlighted the pressure Regé has to follow up his success in future projects.

The media consultant explained: “Regé is very much riding the wave of his own talent which has had the opportunity to shine through so highly in his role as the Duke of Hastings.

“The benefit here is that you have such a brilliant concept in Bridgerton – also the timing for such escapism could not have been timed better – who knew we’d be in this life situation?

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“But, people want more – the second season will maintain the momentum. Regé is up to the challenge. He is a natural and passionate thespian. Very driven.

“There will be much pressure (due to the excitement from new fans), but when you think of it, we all have some sort of career pressure in whatever we choose to do in our lives.

“You always want to do better as you move forward. He has the excellent platform now, he won’t want to let himself or his fans down.”

Away from his role on Bridgerton, Jayjay spoke of Regé’s versatility within his career so far, saying: “He nailed the romantic lead, didn’t he?

“But Regé was so good as Chicken George in Roots (the 2016 Mini-series) and Shonda Rhimes’ For The People – go back and take a look.

“Also something else he has recently appeared in the film Sylvie’s Love.

“These are all very different to his breakout role in Bridgerton, casting directors will see that he has range.”

Bridgerton is available to watch on Netflix now.

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