Remember The Time Hilaria Baldwin Pretended To Be A POC To Teach Her Daughter About Racism?

No matter what she does, Hilaria Baldwin just can’t duck her “phony Spanish identity” controversy! And new stuff just keeps coming to light that makes her look worse and worse!

This time around, the controversy centers on a video clip that Alec Baldwin‘s embattled wife posted about Martin Luther King, Jr. back in 2019. In the clip, Hilaria — born Hillary Hayward-Thomas in Boston, you’ll remember — compared skin colors with her daughter Carmen and appeared to pretend to be a person of color to prove a point about racism! Girl, SERIOUSLY?!

As the 36-year-old former yoga instructor explained in the caption accompanying the video, the 7-year-old was at home for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in mid-January when the little girl asked why there was no school. To her credit, Hilaria did her best to have her first conversation about racism with her daughter, and even showed her clips of King’s world-famous I Have A Dream speech.

But things quickly went off the rails when Hilaria decided it’d be a good idea to broadcast her good deed on Instagram! And not only that, but compare skin colors with her daughter to prove her point!

The momma of five — remember, a 100% full-fledged white girl from Boston — took out her tanned forearm and put it next to her daughter’s smaller, more pasty white arm. With the camera rolling, the author said (below):

“Look at my skin color, and look at your skin color. Who’s darker?”

Darker, sure, but maybe because you were tan?! Or had just gone to Mallorca for a trip?! (LOLz.)

Regardless, after Carmen correctly answered “you,” Hilaria continued on:

“Is one of us better than the other one? Do you know some people think other people aren’t as good as them because they have different color skin? Isn’t that weird? How does that make you feel?”

It’s a nice lesson — the adorable little girl clearly understood the point of what the oft-pregnant mom was trying to get across — but did she really have to pretend like she’s a person of color just to drive the point home?!

Hilaria Hillary… you’re as white as your daughter!!!

Watch the whole cringeworthy video (below) and see what we mean:

A post shared by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin)


Again, it’s a nice and worthwhile lesson to teach your daughter about social issues — and even better to see she immediately understands that treating somebody poorly because of their skin color is a stupid thing to do.

But we can’t gloss over the fact that Hilaria low-key insinuated that she was a POC simply because her skin tone was darker than that of her daughter.

What kind of f**ked up message does that send from a white woman to her own children?!

Unsurprisingly, Hilaria has been getting DRAGGED in the comments as IG users scrolled back and find this wacky gem hidden under the last two years of posts. Aside from the obvious (as in, WTF are you thinking?!), we just have on question for Hilaria here: what happened to your accent, girl?!

Just asking!!!

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