Ricky Garcia is getting candid about the aftermath of coming forward with sexual abuse.

The 23-year-old singer and actor shared his story back in September 2019, and in a new post this past weekend, he opened up about how that affected several close relationships, including with his mom.

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Ricky noted that while he’s received a lot of support from people like Luna Blaise, Emery Kelly, Liam Attridge, Joshua Bassett and his now fiancée Alli Bohl, quite a few people that he was close with stopped talking to him, like Landry Bender, Asher Angel, the guys of In Real Life, and his own mom, whose relationship now is getting better.

“The past 10 years of my life have been anything, but ordinary. Nothing about what I’m going to say comes easily or naturally for me, but I feel I have a genuine responsibility to discuss what’s been going on in my life the past couple years…” he wrote on in a post on Instagram.

“It took really strong people around me to support me and allow me to seek the help I needed to start the healing process. And I can not be more grateful for them,” he said. “It was so hard to see at the time the huge part you each played in my safety, my well being and building me up to a place where I could stand again.”

“But every story has two sides, and although I was met with great support from the people I mentioned above, I want to address a few things because I get the question a lot and I know people are curious,” Ricky continued. “90% of the people closest to me at the height of my career dropped off the moment I spoke up. I was scary, it was shocking, but most of all it hurt in ways I cannot express.”

“I’m speaking up on the ENTIRETY and the TRUTH of my story because it happens ALL THE TIME. This is not a one off story about abuse – this is my life,” he said. “I’m speaking up about the truth in hopes that people who are hurting or on the midst of the pain know that there’s something waiting on the other side. Your courage, your freedom, your life – to be reclaimed.”

After sharing his new post, Ricky received a ton of love and support in the comments from many celebs, including Meg Donnelly, Brec Bassinger, Jade Pettyjohn, Alex Lange, Larsen Thompson and many more.

If you or someone you know needs help with sexual assault, there are several resources available, including the National Sexual Assault Hotline – 1-800-656-4673 – as well as RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.

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