On March 6, Sydney held its 2021 LGBTQI+ Mardi Gras parade, and the city glowed with a magnificent display of colors.

Rita Ora headlined the event — and she performed for a whopping 35,000 people. Yes, that’s a crowd of 35k smack dab in the middle of a pandemic.

We’re definitely concerned about this, but in all fairness America has been hit by COVID much harder than in Australia. When you compare their 29,000 cases of COVID with 909 deaths to our 29 million cases and 523,000 deaths, Australia seems to be handling the spread of the disease much better. Plus, that 35,000 audience number pales in comparison to normal years (with approximately 200k people in attendance).

All of that being said, those crowd levels are still pretty high for our liking. We’re not yet in the clear, and many people have yet to receive the vaccine.

Then again, Ora is also the person who paid a restaurant around $7,000 to break COVID rules for her birthday bash back in November (at that point, the UK was still under lockdown). So, it maybe shouldn’t come as a surprise that she’s out and about performing for larger crowd of people.

Even so, the performance itself ended up being very emotional for the singer. At one point, she opened up about this to her fans and got super real with everyone. Like so many other musicians right now, she admitted how much the pandemic has hurt her since she hasn’t gotten a chance to perform.

Ugh. Okay. We totally get it — and it sounds like they somehow took safety precautions?? We aren’t sure how that’s possible, especially given how many people were seen not wearing a mask during the show, but we’ll hope that people were being smart about this.

Anyway, if you want to catch a little snippet of her song Bang, performed on March 4 at the Sydney Opera House, be sure to check out her Instagram post (below):

A post shared by RITA ORA (@ritaora)

But what do y’all think? Should Rita have given this concert with so many people in attendance? Or is this a situation that should’ve been a MAJOR no no? Sound off in the comments below and let us know ALL your feelings about this!

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