Rita Ora Says She and Taika Waititi Were Friends For Years Before They Fell in Love

Rita Ora Says She and Taika Waititi Were Friends For Years Before They Fell in Love

It seems Rita Ora is still in the honeymoon phase of her relationship with her husband Taika Waititi. The “You Only Love Me” singer recently confirmed her marriage to the “Thor: Love and Thunder” director, who has two children from a previous relationship, after sparking rumors of their nuptials in August 2022. She showed off her emerald wedding ring during a Feb. 1 appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.”

While it’s unclear when exactly Ora and Waititi’s romance first began, the two went public with their relationship in April 2021. Since then, they haven’t shied away from flaunting their love at red carpet appearances, award shows, and in sweet social media posts, though they still prefer to keep it out of the spotlight when they can.

The two historically have rarely spoken about each other in interviews — with the exception of Ora’s recent public revelations — and it took five months for Ora even to affirm their marriage. But now it seems they may be open to sharing more details about their relationship.

During her Feb. 6 appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Ora said of their marriage, “I can’t believe I can say it. It’s so interesting to me because I loved the whole experience but I kept it super private for a little bit, just kept it to myself. So it’s nice to share it and just be open about it. It feels great.”

The 32-year-old singer teased that she and Waititi, 47, met each other “long before we decided to ruin everything,” revealing that they were friends for six years before their romance blossomed. According to Barrymore, the couple “refound each other” later in life when Ora was working on “The Voice” in Australia and Waititi was working on his Marvel film.

“I don’t even know how to explain. Everything just went . . .” said Ora, motioning her hands colliding with one another. “It genuinely just went like that,” she added, snapping her fingers. “I mean, honestly, he put his hand on my back and then — low back — and that’s when I knew, this is a different type of stroke.”

Ahead, read everything we know about Ora and Waititi’s relationship timeline.

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