Rupert Grint Builds Mini Target for Little Daughter

The ‘Harry Potter’ actor reveals in a new television interview that he created a mini Target at home for his little girl because she is obsessed with the American retail store.

AceShowbizRupert Grint has created a mini Target for his daughter. The “Harry Potter” actor reveals his two-year-old daughter Wednesday is obsessed with the American retail store and so the doting dad has decided to bring a bit of that love into their own home.

“The big one is Target. She’d choose that over going to the park. She loves going to different Targets and seeing how the layouts can be slightly different. Sometimes she doesn’t buy anything, she just wants to kind of browse. The toy aisle is definitely a draw, but she’s more into lip balm to be fair,’ he told host Jimmy Fallon when appearing on “The Tonight Show”.

Rupert joked he had “definitely captured the essence” with his recreation, which included a sign, till, coupons, and more.

The 34-year-old star also opened up on needing to have The Talk with Wednesday, whom he has with “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging” star Georgia Groome, which in their case meant explaining that the UK doesn’t have a Target for her to visit.

He added, “It was one of the most difficult conversations telling her that she lives in a country that doesn’t have target. I’ve shown her our equivalent but it just doesn’t match.”

Meanwhile, last year Rupert admitted he had wasted no time in showing his daughter the “Harry Potter” franchise, in which he soared to fame as boy wizard Ron Weasley. He said, “I’ve already started showing her the trailers, and she has a wand and PEZ dispenser with my head on it.”

And he previously gushed about how being a dad was “great” and it’s the only thing he “really cares about.” He said, “It’s amazing how [fatherhood] completely kind of takes over everything. It’s all I really care about, so it’s been great.”

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