Ryan Reynolds Has Shocked Fans By Revealing His Middle Name!

Ryan Reynolds has his fans totally shook!

The 44-year-old Deadpool actor totally surprised fans earlier this week when he revealed on Twitter that his middle name is Rodney.

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“Paying $90 a month for wireless is like my middle name, Rodney. It exists and you COULD use it… but it sucks so why would you? Instead, pay $90 for SIX MONTHS at https://mintmobile.com,” Ryan tweeted while promoting Mint Mobile.

Shortly after his post, fans started tweeting back at Ryan, revealing how shocked they were to find out that his full name is Ryan Rodney Reynolds.

“It’s been nearly two decades of being a fan of yours and I only just found out that you have a middle name,” one fan tweeted.

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Check out more reactions to Ryan Reynolds’ middle name inside!

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