Ryan Reynolds Makes Handsome Donations to Youth Sports Team Struggling to Pay for Uniforms

The Merc with a Mouth depicter has been hailed a real-life hero after he helped an under-12s football team in United Kingdom to cover the bills for their new kits.

AceShowbizRyan Reynolds has helped an under-12s football team in the UK by tackle the bill for their new kits. Becoming the co-owner of National League side Wrexham A.F.C. in Wales back in 2020, the Hollywood actor has now stepped in to help the city’s under-12s team FC United of Wrexham when one of the boys’ mums revealed they were struggling to pay for their new garb.

Delighted when Reynolds made a handsome donation, Kayleigh Barton – who set up a fundraising page for her son’s team – told BBC Radio Wales, “It was just to help with the costs of the kits for the boys, so I just did it and I didn’t expect Ryan Reynolds to donate the money.”

“I had an email saying that a Ryan had donated £600, and I just thought ‘who’s Ryan?’ I logged in and it said Ryan Reynolds and I just said ‘oh my God,’ I started shaking I just couldn’t believe it.”

Club chairman Andrew Ruscoe brought the fundraiser to Reynolds’ attention on Twitter by asking for a retweet and he was stunned when the movie star stepped in to help. He said, “I could see [the appeal] wasn’t getting the attention needed, so I thought ‘why not.’ “

“I dropped a message to Ryan to see if he could just retweet it initially, I didn’t expect him to donate because I always feel that’s a bit cheeky. The next minute, just in the midst of Kayleigh ringing me, and I got a notification on my phone that just said ‘enjoy the uniforms.’ I’m in disbelief at this point, and near enough moved to tears, and I just said ‘it’s true Kayleigh, it’s absolutely true.’ “

Reynolds added two donations – one of £600 and another of £1,000 – to cover the cost of the boys’ new kit. The team later thanked the actor in a video posted on twitter in which the declared they would be adding an image of Reynolds’ superhero character Deadpool to their shirts to show their appreciation.

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